Ray Cooper Signs Booking Agreement with EHA – Nashville

{Nashville, TN- EHA- Nashville  8/6/10} Vocalist, Ray Cooper, has announced his booking agreement with EHA-Nashville. Cooper, a native of Erwin, Tennessee, is an on-the-rise voice in Southern Gospel. His first album, the self titled Ray Cooper, includes such signature renditions as Mama’s Teaching Angels How to Sing, True Lord, and Almost Home. His soulful vocal style pulls at the heart strings while his words speak of finding strength from God. Cooper himself says that he was first inspired to sing for the Lord by his mother as she fought illness that ultimately led to her passing. He is currently in the process of finishing his second album.
When asked about the signing, Cooper replied, “I look up to all the wonderful singers on the EHA roster. I am so happy to be working with Evie Hawkins. I believe God has truly blessed her! I am looking forward to going to new churches, festivals, and venues with the help of EHA.” Evie Hawkins noted, “I really like the spirit of Ray Cooper. Ray is an artist I feel has much potential with some direction, guidance, and developing. His passion for this music and desire to make a difference are the biggest factors that drew me to him. I look forward to working with him and seeing where the Lord leads in his music ministry.”
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For Booking:
11 Music Circle South
Suite 106
Nashville, TN 37203