Recording Artist, Danny Jones Signs Publicity Agreement with EHA-Nashville

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Homeland Inspiration Group (formerly Homeland Entertainment Group) recording artist, Danny Jones, has signed a publicity agreement with EHA-Nashville. Danny is a veteran singer, songwriter, musician who has been traveling to spread the Gospel in song for over 25 years. Although his music is a unique blend of styles, he is known as an inspirational  artist who has caught the attention of Nashville ears, landing him a nomination in the 2010 USAGEM for “Crown Jewel Award in Contempory Christian.” Remaining a favorite inspirational artist among its ranks, the association once again spoke, naming him a 2011 Top 5 nominee for the award. The single from his 2010 project,  “Don’t Throw It All Away,” was so well-received by fans, it hit #1 on  Radio Active Airplay charts. The song’s message to suicidal youth touched the hearts of the movie industry and  he landed a spot composing and performing in the faith-based film, “In Mysterious Ways.” The movie has won a Silver Award at the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival in Atlanta, GA and won “Best Picture” at the Holywood Christian Film Festival in New York. It is scheduled to be released on DVD in 2012. Danny’s mission is, ” to reach out to the wounded and hurting and to contribute to those with great love and compassion.” Evie Hawkins notes, “I heard Danny’s song at the USAGEM meeting in August. I was touched by his music and by his spirit. I really look forward to working with him.”  His freshman project on Homeland’s Heartwarming label is “Chosen To Dream” with the latest single “You Love Me” being distributed by Homeland and appearing on the EHA-Nashville Vol. 4 Promoters Compilation Disc. and Press Kit. Danny travels with his wife, Angela, and their three children, Israel, Reba, and Ethan. He has appeared on TBN, Dish Network, The Ralph Emery Show, and is scheduled for an appearance on Family Friendly TV. His fans all across Europe have fondly referred to him as “The Roy Orbison of Gospel Music.” For a free press kit:   615-369-0628 or  Booking Agent: Ruthie O’Dell, Love Song Talent Agency, 919-562-0784