Response to 1st Ever Southern Gospel Conference is Overwhelming

Conference Organizers commented this week that the response from artists and fans has been considerably more than expected.
The SESGMC 2011 is being held the first week of April at the Turner Civic Center in Ashburn, GA.
Board member Rhonda Pillow commented this week, “This kind of event has been in our hearts for some to continue the great tradition of Gospel music,” she continued, “No one has ever held an NQC-style event in the deep south. Judging by the response everybody has hit the nail on the head with the SESGMC!”
The board also announced the addition of Gaither Home-coming artist Ann Downing to the event as well as several prominent regional talents.
Also this week their Fan Awards voting process has advanced to the TOP5 category.
There are still a few openings for artists that would like to be considered for participation in this event, but they need to contact Rhonda as soon as possible at
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