Rob Patz Asks: Ten Questions with Danny Norman

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Danny Norman is a singer/songwriter, father, grandfather and minister of the Gospel. But he thinks of himself first and foremost as a child of God and a patriotic American. Norman spent many years learning his musical craft in bars and nightclubs, until the day when his brother and his brother’s fiancé were tragically killed. Realizing his need for a purpose in life, he found that purpose in Jesus and has been ministering for Him for the over 35 years.

257 (1)I talked to Danny after hearing his latest single and I knew I wanted to feature him for Independence Day. I hope you enjoy hearing a little more from this Country Gospel favorite.

Rob: Tell us about your latest recording, I’m An American. Where did you record this and who did you work with?

Danny: It was so great working with Robb Tripp and all the wonderful musicians at The Family Room Studio in Gallatin, Tennessee on my newest project, I’m an American. This release has been my fifth CD project since I went to Nashville to further my music career in 2010 at Daywind Studios in Henderson TN.

Rob: What is the name of your latest release to radio?

247dedgeDanny:I’d like to thank my promoter Jim Robinette for promoting my latest radio release “I’m An American”. I feel as if this song was birthed in me because of what I believe and what I stand for. Certainly and sincerely I am an American through and through and I do bleed these colors.

Rob: Does this song have a special importance to you?

Danny: I want to thank every solider for serving this great country and also my father and my two brothers for serving the USA and to all those who have served and are serving to keep this country safe. And I pray that “I’m An American” inspires you as much as it did my co-writer and me when we wrote it.

Rob: Would you like to tell us about your co-writer?

Danny: I want to say thanks to my co-writer Allen Webb for helping me put the finishing touches on the song and for being a part of many songs we have wrote together over the past few years.

221somecolorRob: What importance do radio and Gospel music deejays have on your music?

Danny: I want to thank all the DJ’s for playing my music. I also want to thank the DJ’s on internet radio for making this song number one on Music To Radio American Top 40 on June 1st, 2014.

Rob: Tell us about playing in the taverns when you were young. What would you say to those who now are doing the same thing you used to do?

Danny: I’d like to just share just a few short words about myself of how blessed I have been to have been delivered and saved from living my life in a deep world of sin. I played music in nightclubs in the early years of my life and was never really happy although I tried to convince myself that I was. But it was when I sold out and gave my all to God that I started living and enjoying life. I can now say I sing because I’m happy and because I’m free.

Rob: What is your favorite hobby?

Danny: Writing songs and singing is my hobby and preaching is my whole life.

Rob: What is your most favorite thing about being a Christian artist?

Danny:I truly love what I do and I do what I love. I love being a Christian artist and meeting so many other artists and precious people who have become close to me. At the end of the day they are like my family, what a blessing.

Rob: What is your favorite Bible book?

Danny: The Bible is my favorite book.

Rob: If you could leave one thought with your audience after you leave the stage, what would that be?

Danny: Have a wonderful 4th of July and many blessing to you and your families.


Thank you Danny for sharing with us. For those who want to know more about the ministry of Danny Norman, please visit