Rob Patz: God is in Control

Rob Patz: God is in Control
Rob Patz

2020 April SGNScoops Publisher’s Point by Rob Patz

Welcome to the April edition of the Publisher’s Point. I know many of you spent the last two to three weeks in quarantine.

Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I wasn’t able to do that immediately, but within a week I was able to enter quarantine. During this time, I’ve been reminded so much of the song, “Be still and know that I am God.”

For a lot of us, our job includes daily interaction with people. For me that includes conventions, conferences, and musical events, and over the last two weeks we had to cancel Southern Gospel Weekend, an event that I’m a part of in Oxford, Alabama. Now the good news: We have rescheduled and will be having it September 3 – 5, 2020.

As I watch the news and hear about the economy and everything else that’s going on, I’m reminded that God is in control. I will tell you, in my own spirit, I have felt very worried over the last few weeks, but knowing that God is in control has helped me so very much.

While I was staying in a hotel in Oxford, one morning as I was getting up and praying, God told me that everything that has been taken, will be restored – pressed down, shaken together, and running over. God is not a God of lack. God is not a God who can be surprised. He knew that this was going to happen. He knew that we were going to face this not only as a country, but as an industry.

Rob Patz. Picture courtesy of Penny Walters and Gloryland. Road to Creekside
Rob Patz. Picture courtesy of Penny Walters and Gloryland

Let me encourage you if you’re reading this, to pray for the artists, their ministries, the promoters and the fans.

I believe that this year is going to be an incredible year for gospel music. I say that because I think during this time, more and more people are going to be searching for answers that the world cannot give them. We have the most incredible music in the world, and we have music that will bring them hope, joy, and strength, things that we need as we look ahead and not behind. May we realize that God is in control. 

Please, over the next few months, attend concerts, buy CDs, and sow into the ministries that are out there. I ask also that you will join me in Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 4 – 6, 2020, for the first Gospel Music Weekend. It is going to be a special event. We’re excited about the opportunities that God has laid in front of us for this event and we believe that lives will be changed, hearts will be touched, and a fire reignited in a country that needs it. Pray with me from now until that date, that people that are seeking and hurting will find their way to the Wyndham Convention Center.

I’m praying for each and every one of you this month. I believe that God has great things for our readers and for our artists ahead. I also ask that you will pray for me and for our staff.

Creekside 2020Before I go for this month, I want to ask you to join us in October for our biggest event of the year: Creekside Gospel Music Convention, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, October 25 -  29, 2020. Please email for more information.

Until next month, this is the Publisher’s Point.

By Rob Patz

April 2020 SGN Scoops Magazine
April 2020 SGN Scoops Magazine

As published in April 2020 Publishers Point

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