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Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston

I’m Praying for You

2 Timothy 1:3

“I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience,

that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day;

Have you ever had someone who prayed for you faithfully?

I know from experience that there is something special – something encouraging – about knowing that you’re brought before the throne of God every day. For me, it’s given me confidence when I’ve felt inadequate, strength when I’ve been weak, kept me safe at times that I’m unaware. I’m simply thankful for those that have placed me on their prayer list.

Paul was a man of prayer.

That should be obvious to us when we see the mighty ways God used him to advance the Gospel. I mean, honestly . . . look at his writings. They compose two-thirds of what we call our New Testament. Looking at his life there should be no question that he had a prayer life that became vital to his life. In fact, you could probably conclude that this was the secret to the success of his ministry. We see that heartbeat of ministry in our text today.

A little background . . .

You’ll remember that Paul wasn’t always Paul. When we first meet him in Scripture, he’s holding the cloaks of those who are stoning Stephen. Saul was a very devout Jew; from the right family, headed in the right direction. Everything about this thing called Christianity grated against who he was, what he believed. Having gotten permission to go to a particular region to make all Christians – male, female, child – pay for their belief in Jesus, he’s on a murderous rampage when he encounters the living Christ. And, it changes his life!


Once, he desired to destroy or even kill Christians.

​Now, he’s birthing believers everywhere he goes.


Before, he was on a mission to shut down the early church.

​Now, he’s starting churches, upon churches, upon churches.

Paul was more passionate about the cause of Christ as Saul was stopping it!

But now, he’s reached the end.

He’s sitting in a Roman prison. Oh, he’s been here before. He’d often found himself in chains for the cause of the gospel. However, this time is different. This time he knows will be the last. Ultimately, he will give his life for the One he’s been living for since that encounter on the Damascus Road.

Sitting in that dank, dark dungeon, he begins to remember a young preacher, Timothy. He had poured himself into this young man. You might even say that Paul had been his mentor. Well, now Timothy is involved in a ministry of his own. And, this is the last opportunity that Paul with have to stress some crucial things that Timothy will need to know. If the cause of Christ is to advance, Timothy will need to hear this instruction. So, in urgency, he begins to pen this letter.

How does he begin?

I’m praying for you . . .

​No list of does and don’ts.

​No correction of mistakes he had heard he made.

​No stern warning of the pitfalls of ministry.

​No ____________.

I’m praying for you . . .

​Maybe the most important words this preacher needs to hear.

​No doubt, encouraging words from one that means so much.

​The heart of the man that had taught him.

Prayer is so essential. It’s not merely a pleasantry. It’s not just something we’ll say we do to offer words of comfort. It’s something we do.

Are you a person of prayer?

Who are you praying for daily?

Do they know?

Let’s learn a lesson from Paul, so we too can say: I’m praying for you.