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“Rooted“ With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on March 1, 2020 – 4:49 am -

Why Are You Waiting?

John 5:1-9


38 years.

That’s a long time to wait.

That’s how long he had been waiting.

Day after day—that was his routine.

He was always waiting.

It would be natural for him to give up on the idea that anything would ever change. After all, this is what life had been for so long. Yet, he’d watch for a stir. He’d long for the day that seemed never to come when the angel would come down, and life would be changed. But it wouldn’t be his life. Maybe he had resigned himself to the seeming reality that this would be as good as it ever would get.

Jesus had been about Kingdom business. He had been touching, teaching, and lives had been changed. Today would be no different. While on His way to a festival in Jerusalem, He takes a detour.

It’s where he had been waiting.

38 years.

That’s a long time to wait.

But, today would be anything but routine.

While he was waiting for the water to stir,

Living Water had come to him.

“Wilt thou be whole?”

What a strange question! It’s almost inappropriate; he had been lying there for so long. Yet, that’s what He asks . . . Do you really want to change? Not, do you want to feel better? Jesus doesn’t want to comfort him in his disfunction. Comfort is not change. And, He desires to change this man completely.

You can almost hear the disbelief in this man’s voice—maybe even offense—as he responds:

“I don’t have anyone to help me . . .”

“Nobody cares . . .”

“Everybody else gets in my way . . .”

“You don’t know me, my circumstance . . .”

Interestingly, all these are legitimate. They may even be true. But he’s busy answering questions that Jesus didn’t ask. Jesus asked if he wanted to be well? Do you really want to change? Excuses. That’s his response. It’s really sad. If he only knew that in the presence of an unlimited God, there is unrealized possibility!

Listen to that again:

In the presence of an unlimited God, there is unrealized possibility.

Can we talk for a minute?

We’ll get back to the story, but I think this is a great place to ask an honest question.

What is it that you need God to do for you?

Many sit under the preaching of the Word week after week, month after month, even year after year, and never receive what God wants to do. We like the idea of God changing our situation, circumstance, relationships, or financial situations more than allowing Him to change us.

Maybe, the better question is this: What do you need God to change in your life?

What are you willing to allow God to do for/in you?

Jesus steps over all the excuses and speaks again, “You get up right now! (Lavender’s Translation)”.

Think of it:

This man’s legs don’t work. He’s been laying there for so long. But this is the moment of truth. His response to Jesus’ voice will determine the rest of his life. He could choose to stay in his condition. Or, he could take a chance a take Jesus at His word. It’s his choice. What does he do?

He gets up.

And, his life changed forever.

Many of us live our lives looking for a stir.

We wait in our routine—maybe 38 years or more.

Maybe it’s time for us to get up for a change.

No more excuses.

We’ve stayed in our condition long enough.

Change comes, revival begins—when our excuses end, we respond to His voice, and act.

So, what is it?

Honestly, what is it you need Him to do in your life?

Remember, in the presence of an unlimited God; there is unrealized possibility.

Why are you waiting?


Billy Huddleston


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“Rooted” with Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on September 1, 2019 – 5:00 pm -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

Kingdom Power

Mark 9:14-29


“And he [Jesus] said unto them,

“This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

Mark 9:29



There’s no other way to describe the disciplescondition in Mark 9:14-29. The tragedy is this: A life was literally hanging in the balance. You’ll remember that there is a father that has brought his son to Jesus. They’ve come because the boy is in a desperate condition. Mark tells us that he is overcome with “a dumb spirit”.

In other words, there is a spiritual battle going on. This is not simply a physical condition. The kingdom of darkness desires to claim this boy as its own. And, sadly, the representatives of the Kingdom of Light are powerless against it. The father looked to them in Jesus’ absence (remember—He had taken Peter, James, and John up on the mount) to do for his son what needed to be done. But, they can’t. Left to them the kingdom of darkness would be victorious.

Don’t you want to jump to the disciples’ defense?

I know I do . . .

​​He’s Jesus . . .

​​. . . they’re just men . . .

​​​​. . . C’mon dad . . .

​​. . . Don’t put that on them . . .

That’s just not fair.

It’s natural to want to defend them.

But, I can’t.

I can’t because I know that whenever you approach the Word of God, you approach it as a whole. Meaning, you can’t divorce a section of the Word from the rest of the Book. In other words, you interpret the part by the whole, not the other way around. Scripture interprets Scripture.

Mark 6 (you should go back and refresh your memory by reading the first two sections) shows us that they had done it before. The disciples had gone out under the authority of the Kingdom. They operated under that authority and Kingdom power was displayed. They literally healed the sick. They touched people who were out of their minds, and God’s power put them in their right mind. (By the way, don’t you wish that would happen with a few people you know?!?)

So, it was natural that the father would ask.

He did.

And, they couldn’t.

Why? They had been rebelling against the Kingdom. For six days (see Mark 9:2) they had been arguing with Jesus about what the Messiah had come to do. Jesus was saying that He had come to die. Peter, as the mouthpiece of the twelve, said it doesn’t and it won’t happen that way.

They had rebelled against the Kingdom.

They had argued with the Authority of the Kingdom, Jesus.

You cannot rebel against Kingdom authority and expect to operate in Kingdom power.

In other words: We can’t do it our way. It has to be His.

Disobedience hinders the work of God.

Jesus drives the point home in His teaching at the end of the narrative. He says that Kingdom Power can only be displayed through dependency and desperation. He says it like this, “this kind can only come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”.



Do those words describe you?

Are you dependent upon Him more than you are your smart phone?

Are you desperate to see His power revealed in your family, church, world?

If not, is there any wonder why we’re powerless?

Kingdom Power flows through people that are dependent and desperate for Him.

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“Rooted” With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on August 18, 2019 – 11:48 am -


Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

As I travel, many people have come up to me and said, “Billy, I remember the revival when…” and describe a wondrous work that God did in the past. Sometimes, the conversation will end with, “Oh Billy, I believe that God will do something like that again one day. Maybe my grandchildren will see it.”
When I was doing my study on Psalm 63, I found something interesting about verse two that made me wonder, is the next big thing really far off in the future? Or, can it be felt now, in today’s time? Let’s read together…
The King James Version says, “To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.”
This verse speaks of the same thing we long for in our day and time – a fresh word from heaven. But, did you know that translators word this verse differently throughout their translations? That means that you might read it in the NIV and the verse is all in the past tense… “I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.” Then, you might turn to the ESV and see the verse in the present tense… “So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory.” Or, you might come across the Good News Translation and find this verse in the future tense… “Let me see you in the sanctuary; let me see how mighty and glorious you are.”
What is one to do with such a dilemma?
While it might seem complicated, it’s actually pretty simple. You see, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever – that means every translator got it right. God has worked in the past, He is working right now and He will continue to show His power in the future. The question is, are we longing to see Him work in such a way? Is He our one consuming desire?
If a group of people consistently seek God’s face and desire to see Him move in their church and communities…there is
no telling what kind of revival will break out. When God’s children seek Him, He will do it again!

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Rooted With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on July 14, 2019 – 6:13 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston


July 4, 1776…

On this day, the colonies decided that they would no longer be under the bondage of another nation. Their declaration was bold, daring and inspiring. Many said they would never win – that it would never last. But they did, it did.

What would you do for freedom?

 Do you have that daring boldness to go get what you want? To be honest, most of us don’t. We let fear hold us back. Anxiety gets in the way and if we admit it, we don’t really believe that we could be free from whatever is entangling us. After all, if it were possible, wouldn’t we have done it by now?

But here is the truth.

Jesus paid for your freedom. It isn’t up to you to earn it or fight for it. He did the work so we could receive it. Yet, we’ve even turned receiving a gift into something laborious and exhaustive. But it was never intended to be that way. If you have a fear that keeps holding you back from something you feel called to do… Hear the clank of the hammer on the nail. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection that fear doesn’t have a right to hold you back. Do you have a burden? Maybe a relationship isn’t quite right? Lay it at the Father’s feet and walk away knowing that He will take care of you…and the one who’s breaking your heart. Are you in bondage to some type of unhealthy habit in your life? Friend, there is freedom for you in the person of Christ.

You say, “Nah, that’s for someone else. It couldn’t possibly work for me.”

Stop allowing yourself to believe those lies when the Word clearly says that there is healing for all in the name of Christ. The colonists were bold in their declaration of freedom from Britain, and against all odds, they won.

Jesus has already provided the power to be liberated from any bondage… It’s time to take up a holy boldness and declare that you are free in Christ!




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Rooted With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on June 16, 2019 – 8:20 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

“But my God shall supply all your need according to

His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19)

It was my first year in full-time ministry…

During my first year as a full-time evangelist, I was scheduled at a church in Michigan, and to be honest, the pastor and I just didn’t click. (He probably thought the same about me!) On the last day, I was tearing my equipment down when the pastor gave me an envelope. I knew it was my pay and I knew it wasn’t something you rip open and look at in front of the pastor. Later, when I opened the envelope, there was a check there for something like $90. Now folks, it’s not about money, but it took more than $90 to drive up to that church and it would take more than that to get me home. For the first time in that first year of ministry, the words of the “encouragers” came back to me, “You’re going to starve to death.”

I was frustrated.

I began to drive home from that part of Michigan to Cincinnati and when I came into the city limits, my car started to act up. At home, I looked at my finances to see what I had to spare and all I had was $100… but I knew what needed to be done. I took it to the dealership and walked to a shopping mall while they looked at my vehicle until the call came that they were finished. On my walk back, I saw something shimmer in the sunlight. It was a quarter on the sidewalk. I’m cheap, so I reached down, picked it up and put it in my pocket. Walked a little bit further and there was a penny laying there… I’m really cheap! I reached down, picked it up and put it in my pocket. By the time I made it to where the car was, I found one quarter and four pennies. At the cashier’s counter, the gentleman looked at me and said, “Mr. Huddleston, the charge for the servicing of your Toyota today is $100.29.” 

God has been faithful…   

When I think about the life I’m living and look back on what He has done, I realize that the past is a promise for tomorrow. When I see how He’s worked in my life there’s no reason to doubt the same God who was faithful yesterday will be faithful today and bring me through my present circumstance. That’s our God! And that’s your God!



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Rooted With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on May 26, 2019 – 7:49 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston


May 26, 2019


“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee:

my soul thirsteth for thee…”

Psalm 63:1



If we’re honest, David could have been seeking after so many other things.

He had been wronged by someone very close to him and could have focused on making that wrong right and claiming his throne. Instead, we see David seeking after God. He doesn’t focus on the negative in his life, rather, David says, “God is my priority – not the throne, not my position. The thing I’m reaching out for is God and God alone.”

Why would David place so much trust in God after suffering so?

The answer can be found in the first phrase of Psalm 63:

“O God, thou art my God.”

In this statement, David is saying that God is his personal God.

When he’s hurting – God is his healer.

When he’s lonely – God is a present God.

When he’s conflicted – God can bring peace to his life.

David is saying, “God, all that You are, You are to me when I need it the most.” 

Deep down, do you believe that He is your God? That all you need, He is?



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“Rooted” With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on April 7, 2019 – 6:38 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

This Is Our Story

Luke 23:38-43

It’s Passover Friday, somewhere in the springtime of AD 30-33. And, Jesus has been crucified. It seems as though everything had been leading up to this. Lately, Jesus had been speaking very openly about the plan. But, the disciples were unable to grasp, to understand all that would take place.

He had willingly entered Jerusalem – the one place from which he should have stayed away. Remember, it was in this city that His enemies were lying in wait, looking for an opportunity to accuse Him. Yet, Jesus willingly goes . . . No one drags Him there in chains. He just goes.

Today is lamb selection day: That day when devout Jewish people would select their lamb to commemorate the Passover. They’d remember what God had done by bringing them out of Egypt. And, in that commemoration they would anticipate what God would do in a renewed exodus when Messiah would come. It’s a powerful image. As the city was buzzing with individuals busy with their religious activity, God was sending His Lamb. This Passover would be different.This Passover, God would confront His people: Will you choose My Lamb? Even the Apostle Paul draws a parallel in 1 Corinthians5:7 when he states, “For Christ, our Passover Lamb has been sacrificed.That choice is still present today. It’s a decision that all will have to make. God was confronting His people. And, He still confronts today.

Jesus had lived a life of love. In exchange,He was subjected to such hate. He extended acceptance and forgiveness to those He encountered. All he received in return was rejection, and ultimately execution. Even in His intense suffering at Calvary the contrast is extreme. The hatred of the crowd is severe:the sarcasm, the mockery, the joke. Even the sign above His thorn-pierced head seemed to deride Him in that moment.

“And an inscription also was written over Him in letters of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew:


Luke 23:38

Royalty with a thorny crown? Dying on a tree? The notion that Jesus was King was simply laughable!

Despite such agony, while the hate-filled shouts are going up, words of love are comingdown. Forgiveness is extended from the cross as He speaks:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

Luke 23:34

In the midst of the horror, if we look closely, we’ll begin to see a hardened heart would soften. An enslaved prisoner would be set free. Ultimately, a conversion would take place, and the seemingly unredeemable would be redeemed!

Remembering the Story

The road that led to this moment waslong. Actually, this is where His path was leading since that night in Bethlehem in the manger. This is why He came. Indeed, every step had brought Him here.

There had been so many great times! Who could ever forget the way He touched the untouchables, loved the unlovables, and welcomed the outcasts? So many wonderfultimes! However, there were also some that were not so great.

In fact, the last days, the last hours were truly unbelievable. A betrayal from one of His innercircle in such an intimate way. The merciless beating of the innocent at His enemy’s hand. The trial – or, at least a mockery called a trial – was the greatest injustice known to man. Imagine: God’s darling Son standing trial in man’s court – the Creator being judged by His creation.

Even Pilate recognized His innocence when he was unable to find fault in Jesus. Reread Luke 23:13-25 and hear him as he says there is no cause for His execution. He’s simply not deserving of death. Yet, it’s what the crowd wants as the mob continues to cry out for His blood.

Enter Barabbass: A rioter, an insurrectionist, and a murderer. He was truly a criminal deserving a death sentence. Three times Pilate tries to bargain the release of Jesus with this man to the mob. But, all three times, the people cry out for Jesus’ life instead. So, Jesus takes the criminals place,while Barabbass goes free.

It’s the story of the Gospel.

The shame.

The suffering.

The cross.

The Gospel . . .

This is Our Story

Jesus has taken our place. As the scene unfolds, we realize that this is our story. We’ve all been Barrabbas. Face it: Everyone is guilty of breaking God’s law. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – we’ve all stood condemned before Him. You could say we’ve all been headed down the wrong road.

It doesn’t matter our age – young and old alike – we’ve all been guilty of breaking God’s law. Every one of us have been headed in the wrong direction. But, thank God this is ourstory. And, since Jesus has taken our place, we can turn around and go free!

Now, back to the heartbreaking scene.

Three crosses stand against the horizon. Demons cheer while angels weep at the sight of Jesus suspended between heaven and earth. Insults and hate are hurled up. Words of grace, love, and forgiveness flow down.Hanging on a cross fashioned for Barabbass, Jesus is between two criminals.

Criminals. That’s our only point of reference. We don’t know their names. There’sno insight to their background. We’re not even told of their crimes. But, they have a story. And, this is where their story has led; sentenced to die on a cross. What happened that led them to this moment? I can’t help but wonder, if they had it to over, would they do things differently? Would they have made better choices? Could they have seized opportunities that would’ve led to a different destination? Maybe. But, now it’s too late. They can’t go back and do it over. Their course has been set. The past is the past.There’s no changing it now.

We all have a story. Some stories are filled with beauty, others with pain. Many will boast about their accomplishments, while others only rehearse failures.

Everybody has a story.

They did, too.

There they were.

One on the left, one on the right.

Hanging on a cross.

It was too late for them to go back and make different choices.

Their destiny was set.

Everybody has a story. Some are filled with beauty and others are filled with pain. Many have memories to cherish. Others have memories that only bring shame. Too many of us live in yesterday. We have memories that we cannot forget. Regret ties us down and keeps us from seeing the beauty in today.

Can I be honest with you for a moment?

If you are holding on to some regret from your past, let it go. Let me say it again . . . LET. IT. GO.

If Jesus has forgiven you of your past, it’s time to forgive yourself. The enemy remembers – Jesus forgets. Psalm 103:12 reminds us that our sins have been removed “as far as the east is from the west.” If you go east, you’ll never find yourself going west. Micah 7:19 assures us that He hurls our sins into the depths of the sea. How deep is that sea? It doesn’t matter, there’s no need to go diving. It’s time to move on. Plain and simple: None of us can change our past. If God is willing to forgive, who are we to refuse His forgiveness? Accept it and be free.

Leave it there.

The past is the past.

Let it go and live.

Back to the Story

At Calvary that day the hatred is so strong that even the criminals – the ones sharing this execution – are shouting insults in Jesus’ direction. Both Matthew and Mark record that even though they were on crosses, even as they knew the pain and were considered cursed, they both mocked, blasphemed. Even though they face the same penalty and ultimately death, they’ll use the last bit of energy for this.

Luke brings us to the point where something begins to change. In the middle of all the ugliness, one of these criminals growsilent . . . There is only one voice now hurling insults. He is thinking of his immediate condition, his present circumstance. Something else is happening in the other. A change is taking place. There’s a transformation going on. It’s almost as though he has a 180-degree turnaround in thought. In a moment of clarity amidst all the confusion of this scene, he focuses his words to the other and now begins to rebuke him:

But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this Man has done nothing wrong. Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”

Luke 23:40-42

Do you see it?

Like Saul on the Damascus road this man has had an encounter. He has been traveling in the wrong direction most of his life. And then, in a moment, it happens. He dramatically realizes that Divinity has invaded that space. In that awareness he displays a fear of God. Yes, he’s been going down the wrong, but now something is different. He understands his guilt, recognizes and affirms who Jesus is, cries out for mercy and, in that moment – God invades his life. And, as a condemned criminal he experiences freedom like he’s never known. When He had reached the end of the road, Jesus was there! He couldn’t do anything about his past, but he could do something about his future! The unredeemable is redeemed.

None of us are able to do anything about our past. So, please hear this: It’s over. However, all of us can do something about our future. If you’re tired of heading in the wrong direction, let Him redirect your path. Cry out to Him. He will hear you and respond. Just like He did the criminal that day.

And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

Luke 23:43

In a moment of anguish, Jesus speaks words of assurance to this man. If it’s possible to be comforted at your execution, Jesus words embraced this one condemned. Think about it: One minute you’re hanging condemned on a tree and the next you’re forgiven and promised Paradise.

Paradise. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Most would have their own ideas as to what paradise would be. The truth is: Not even biblical scholars can agree as to what this ‘paradise’ is to which Jesus promises. It could be Abraham’s bosom. Maybe, it’s heaven itself. Whatever it may be . . . It’s certainly better than hanging on a cross!He said to the criminal, “You will be with me.” Could it be, that being with Jesus is what makes paradise, paradise?

Our Invitation

Maybe today you find yourself heading down the wrong road. Perhaps, circumstances have caused you to doubt that change is even possible. Please remember this, this is our story. We can be assured that Jesus has taken our place. None of us can change our past, so let it go. We all can determine our future, make a decision today to turn around, to be redirected by Him. Because this is reality: It’s never too late to turn around. As long as there is breath in your body, you can change with Jesus’ help. He is quick to save, forgive, to redirect anyone who will recognize their need and cry out to Him. You have an invitation to a new life. How will you R.S.V.P.?

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“Rooted” With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on March 31, 2019 – 5:07 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

Living by Faith

Habakkuk 2:4b

“. . . but the just shall live by his faith.”

There seems to be a natural tension between faith and doubt. I’m not sure if you would say this is the case in your life; but it certainly is in mine. I don’t want you to misunderstand what I’m saying. I believe the Word of God is true. I really do! Call me old fashioned but, I believe there was a man named Adam in the most beautiful garden imaginable. I still believe there was a man named Noah that built an ark. (In fact, I can take you to it. It’s practically in my backyard. It’s in Williamstown, KY! Ha!) I know there was a man named Jonah that spent days in the belly of a big fish.

Not only do I believe those things, but I also believe every promise that God made in His book is true! I really, really do! But sometimes life begins to mess with what I believe. My heart believes what God has said, while my head begins to interfere.

Do you have this struggle?

How do you have hope when everything around you seems hopeless?
How can you live in peace when your life is anything but peaceful?
How can you believe for life when death has come upon the scene?

There just seems to be this natural struggle between faith and doubt.

It seems like there always has been. And, it’s easy to get to the place where it seems like it always will be.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. It could be because of a number of things. But I actually think it’s just because of life. We all live in a real world, with real issues. Life isn’t easy and if we’re honest, it isn’t even always fun. However, we do know this: God is always good!

Let me introduce you to a unique prophet. His name is Habakkuk. He’s unique because he doesn’t take a message from God to the people. Instead, he takes his complaints to God. He has a lot of questions. So, he goes to the Source and says, “Can we talk?”.

He complains.

God responds.

(This is just something I want to add: Aren’t you thankful that we have a God who’ll listen to our complaints? Understands our questions? And, will take the time to respond? I know I am! He can take it. He’s long-suffering. For this I’m thankful.)

Habakkuk was struggling with what he saw going on in his world, his time. He begins his questioning and God responds. We’ll not spend a lot of time on this today . . .  Instead, we’ll get to the heart of the matter. It’s found in chapter 2:4b, “. . . but, the just shall live by his faith.”

Faith has been defined many ways.

There have been many bookmarker sayings about faith.

So many clichés have been recited on this subject.

Let me offer what I’m learning.

I’m finding that faith is believing what we read in God’s word, before we see it happening in the world. That’s the heart of faith. Believing what we read before we see.

So, as we join the conversation with Habakkuk, I need to ask you: How’s your faith? It’s tied to your time in His Word. We are always waiting for God to speak, and the truth is, He has spoken. We need to know what He has said so we can hear what He is saying. The just believe what they read in His word, before they see it happening – or despite what they see happening – in the world.

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“Rooted” With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on March 3, 2019 – 7:50 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

Psalm 63

My God

Nightfall has come upon the desert of Judah. David stands in the opening of his tent…a rough, battered, common tent. Not one fit for a king. He looks at how the moon reflects off the dry sand in that barren land. As he stands there, he had every right to think of how he’d been wronged, to be angry and bitter, to think how he could punish his son and get his kingdom back. Though the events of that day could easily have consumed him, he set his heart on something different…

The past faithfulness of God.

When our hearts break, when we’re lonely and soak our pillow with tears, we don’t focus on the things that are good, do we? Oftentimes, we think of the sin we’ve done, we think of how unworthy we are, how this trial has seemed to have consumed your life. But you know what? We’re going to encounter problems in our lives, but those problems shouldn’t separate us from our Lord. Why? Because He’s not caught by surprise.

In Psalm 63, David bursts forth in song in the midst of betrayal, loss and heartbreak. What does David say? He sings out, “Oh God, Youare my God!” David believed that God was his personal God – his Conqueror, Strength, Miracle Worker, Companion, Friend. Likewise, our comfort and praise can be just like David’s when we come to the place when we believe, truly believe that God is on the throne, in control and has not, nor ever, forsake us…

Trust Him.

Life changes when you have the confidence that He is your God.


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“Rooted” With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on February 17, 2019 – 5:17 am -

Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston

Riches and Poverty

Mark 10:22-31

A rich man came to Jesus seeking eternal life. There are some things that money can’t buy, and eternal life tops the list.

Eternal life is fellowship with God. A man cannot know the only true God until he forsakes every false god. This man’s money seems to have become his god, so Jesus called him to renouncethe idolatry of things in order to become a disciple. Unwilling to part with mammon, the rich man parted with Jesus and left His presence sorrowful.

Then, Jesus spoke to His followers, “How hard it will be for those who have riches to enter the Kingdom of God!” (v. 23). Peter replies, “We have left everything and followed you,” so Jesus assures him that true discipleship brings great rewards in this life and the next.

Let’s notice two things about this passage.

First, Jesus warns of riches that impoverish. Those who have riches will find it hard to enter the kingdom of God. These words caused the disciples to be amazed. The had the mistaken notion that wealth was evidence of God’s favor. God must love a man greatly to bless him so abundantly – so they reasoned.

The way of salvation which has been made by Jesus can only be entered by those who disavow their false gods – who forsake their trust in riches. If a man clings to his riches, saying no to the invitation of Christ, then his riches will impoverish and rob him of the only enduring wealth – that fellowship with God in Christ which is eternal life. Anything that would keep you from following Jesus is not worth the bargain. Riches can impoverish. The unsaved man is a pauper, whatever his bank balance!

On the other hand, Jesus speaks of a poverty that enriches. Whatever it costs to be a disciple of Jesus, the gains are far greater than the losses. What we receive is so much more than what we give.

Eternal life in the Father’s house, eternal fellowship with Jesus is the wealth that endures. There are riches that impoverish, but there is poverty that enriches. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3).

We must renounce our trust in things, to become poor in spirit, to recognize our dependence upon the mercy of God!

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