“Rooted“ With Billy Huddleston

Why Are You Waiting?

John 5:1-9


38 years.

That’s a long time to wait.

That’s how long he had been waiting.

Day after day—that was his routine.

He was always waiting.

It would be natural for him to give up on the idea that anything would ever change. After all, this is what life had been for so long. Yet, he’d watch for a stir. He’d long for the day that seemed never to come when the angel would come down, and life would be changed. But it wouldn’t be his life. Maybe he had resigned himself to the seeming reality that this would be as good as it ever would get.

Jesus had been about Kingdom business. He had been touching, teaching, and lives had been changed. Today would be no different. While on His way to a festival in Jerusalem, He takes a detour.

It’s where he had been waiting.

38 years.

That’s a long time to wait.

But, today would be anything but routine.

While he was waiting for the water to stir,

Living Water had come to him.

“Wilt thou be whole?”

What a strange question! It’s almost inappropriate; he had been lying there for so long. Yet, that’s what He asks . . . Do you really want to change? Not, do you want to feel better? Jesus doesn’t want to comfort him in his disfunction. Comfort is not change. And, He desires to change this man completely.

You can almost hear the disbelief in this man’s voice—maybe even offense—as he responds:

​“I don’t have anyone to help me . . .”

​“Nobody cares . . .”

​“Everybody else gets in my way . . .”

​“You don’t know me, my circumstance . . .”

Interestingly, all these are legitimate. They may even be true. But he’s busy answering questions that Jesus didn’t ask. Jesus asked if he wanted to be well? Do you really want to change? Excuses. That’s his response. It’s really sad. If he only knew that in the presence of an unlimited God, there is unrealized possibility!

Listen to that again:

In the presence of an unlimited God, there is unrealized possibility.

Can we talk for a minute?

We’ll get back to the story, but I think this is a great place to ask an honest question.

What is it that you need God to do for you?

Many sit under the preaching of the Word week after week, month after month, even year after year, and never receive what God wants to do. We like the idea of God changing our situation, circumstance, relationships, or financial situations more than allowing Him to change us.

Maybe, the better question is this: What do you need God to change in your life?

What are you willing to allow God to do for/in you?

Jesus steps over all the excuses and speaks again, “You get up right now! (Lavender’s Translation)”.

Think of it:

This man’s legs don’t work. He’s been laying there for so long. But this is the moment of truth. His response to Jesus’ voice will determine the rest of his life. He could choose to stay in his condition. Or, he could take a chance a take Jesus at His word. It’s his choice. What does he do?

He gets up.

And, his life changed forever.

Many of us live our lives looking for a stir.

We wait in our routine—maybe 38 years or more.

Maybe it’s time for us to get up for a change.

​No more excuses.

​We’ve stayed in our condition long enough.

Change comes, revival begins—when our excuses end, we respond to His voice, and act.

So, what is it?

Honestly, what is it you need Him to do in your life?

Remember, in the presence of an unlimited God; there is unrealized possibility.

Why are you waiting?


Billy Huddleston

www. BillyHuddleston.com