Rooted With Billy Huddleston

Billy Huddleston
Billy Huddleston


July 4, 1776…

On this day, the colonies decided that they would no longer be under the bondage of another nation. Their declaration was bold, daring and inspiring. Many said they would never win – that it would never last. But they did, it did.

What would you do for freedom?

 Do you have that daring boldness to go get what you want? To be honest, most of us don’t. We let fear hold us back. Anxiety gets in the way and if we admit it, we don’t really believe that we could be free from whatever is entangling us. After all, if it were possible, wouldn’t we have done it by now?

But here is the truth.

Jesus paid for your freedom. It isn’t up to you to earn it or fight for it. He did the work so we could receive it. Yet, we’ve even turned receiving a gift into something laborious and exhaustive. But it was never intended to be that way. If you have a fear that keeps holding you back from something you feel called to do… Hear the clank of the hammer on the nail. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection that fear doesn’t have a right to hold you back. Do you have a burden? Maybe a relationship isn’t quite right? Lay it at the Father’s feet and walk away knowing that He will take care of you…and the one who’s breaking your heart. Are you in bondage to some type of unhealthy habit in your life? Friend, there is freedom for you in the person of Christ.

You say, “Nah, that’s for someone else. It couldn’t possibly work for me.”

Stop allowing yourself to believe those lies when the Word clearly says that there is healing for all in the name of Christ. The colonists were bold in their declaration of freedom from Britain, and against all odds, they won.

Jesus has already provided the power to be liberated from any bondage… It’s time to take up a holy boldness and declare that you are free in Christ!