SARAH DELANENashville, TN – Internationally known female vocalist and missionary, Sarah DeLane (pictured in attached jpg)  was recently named as a member of the Board of Directors for Pioneering with Passion Ministries (PPM), the international relief organization, which provides food and necessities to the Karen refugees in Southeast Asia.

 The Karen are a minority group in Burma and Thailand who have been brutalized by the Burmese Army since 1949. This civil war is the longest in modern world history and is what some experts declare to be the worst humanitarian crisis in Southeast Asia. The Burmese Army has systematically and savagely attacked Karen villages over the past 64 years, burning homes, kidnapping all ages to be slaves, and killing thousands. This has left countless children orphans. Constantly hiding in the jungle from the Burmese Army, and with nowhere to go, the Karen people are always on the run. Many have died from disease, hunger, ruthless attacks and stepping on landmines. Thousands have fled into Thailand seeking refuge. Even as Burma/Myanmar begins to open to the outside world, the situation remains desperate for these precious Karen people.
Pioneering with Passion Ministries (PPM) is bringing hope to hidden, extreme loss, refugees in isolated areas. Currently providing for over 5,000 hurting Karen refugees, PPM recognizes these precious people are in both physical and spiritual need. PPM was launched in September, 2011, and has exploded with growth since, now supporting 10 refugee camps and nine orphanages. PPM’s three full-time missionaries have 35 combined years of experience on the field in Southeast Asia and have led hundreds of teams to eight different countries in the region. PPM believes that only Jesus can bring healing, restoration, and hope to the Karen people. The heart of PPM is pioneering evangelism – to find and discover these traumatized people, who have never before heard the name of Jesus. PPM’s ministry goes beyond simply just humanitarian aid. They long to see lives transformed by Jesus’ love. “I am so honored to be a part of this great ministry,” Sarah DeLane states. Sarah travels to Asia multiple times each year from her home in Nashville, TN, to share the message of the Gospel to those who have never heard it. On each trip to Thailand she works directly with PPM to meet the needs of the Karen people. ”PPM is continuing to say yes to families who are literally starving in the jungle. They have a great need, not only for physical food, but spiritual food, as well.”
DeLane travels four times each year to restricted nations proclaiming the Gospel through teaching, singing and taking Bibles to those who would never otherwise never have the opportunity to obtain one. For six years she was a part of the highly successful Bill Gaither Homecoming Tour, featuring multi-Grammy winning recording artist and songwriter, Bill Gaither. She continues to be featured on the popular Gaither Homecoming Video Series, and shares her ministry in churches, conferences and wherever the opportunity is presented for ministry.
PPM has recently launched a new website and continues to seek donors to assist with their efforts. Complete information regarding this organization is available online at Complete information on the ministry of Sarah DeLane, including scheduling information, is available online at