What Are The SGN Scoops Top 40 Christian Country Songs This Month?

The Votes are in and here are the Top 40 Songs in Christian Country…..

1. Kevin Rowe- Heaven Above
2. Michael Lee- God’s Country
3. Chuck Day- I Love You
4. Johnny Rowlett- Where I’m Going
5. Lisa Daggs- Love Found Me
6. McKay Project- Taking Me Home
7. Ronnie Horton- For You and Me
8. Ava Kasich- Looking Back
9. Debbie Seagraves-We’re Not Gonna Walk, We’re Gonna Run
10. Tina Wakefield- Why Should I Worry
11. Charlie Griffin- Jesus Take A Hold
12. Tony Bates- Ordinary Joe
13. Jeff Dugan- Dashboard Jesus
14. Butch Tinker- That’s What It’s All About
15. Bev McCann-God’s Got A Miracle
16. Peter Christie- On Grace I Stand
17. Taylor Hope-Showin My Roots
18. Shellem Cline- Getting in The Word of God
19. Christian Davis- Just Show Up
20. Gemma Adams-Path of Least Resistance
21. Eternal Vision- A Father’s Prayer
22. Robert Stowell- I’d Die For You
23. Rachel Taylor- Lost in God’s Grace
24. Mary James- Heart on My Sleeve
25. Jim Sheldon- Old School
26. Les Taylor- If That Mountain Don’t Move
27. Steve Bridgmon- Joyride
28. Austin Zimmer- Quicksand
29. Bruce Hedrick- Winging It
30. Caleb’s Crossing- Someday
31. Jordan’s Crossing- He Will Come
32. Cindy Tilkens Jennings-Whom Shall I Fear
33. Gail Cogburn- I’ve Got a Bottle
34. Molora- The River
35. Tommy Smith- Let’s March On
36. Ronnie Horton- Unclouded Day
37. Karen Harris- Don’t You Think It’s Time
38. Cami Shrock- My God Will Always Be Enough
39. Steve Bridgmon- Angels By Another Name
40. Sherry Damron- You Ain’t Devil Enough