SGN Scoops Writer Hosts Benefit Sale for Bowling Family

Yard Sale to Benefit Mike & Kelly Bowling.

Saturday 7/17
7:30 AM
215 Cherokee Dr
Simpsonville, SC

From Dee Ann Bailey:

Most of you receiving this know that in addition to my job and my church I am also a big fan of gospel music and have even done some writing for some national magazines and digital magazines.  On Thursday, July 1st a group that my daughter and I both love, the people and their music, the Bowling family were in a horrific bus accident.  Mike & Kelly each have some serious injuries and others on the bus were injured as well.  They are going to be off the road for some time to heal from this plus the cost of all the damages.  The Bowlings are well known in the Southern Gospel world but their influence has reached even farther as they have recently been guest performers on the Grand Ole Opry and Kelly & Terah were part of the Crabb Family and are sisters of Jason Crabb.

It’s often said that one person can’t do much, but also if every person does something a lot can be accomplished.  If this doesn’t interest you, stop reading now and delete with no hard feelings.  But I wanted to let folks I know what Alicia (my daughter) and I have decided to do.  When Alicia first mentioned having a yard sale with the proceeds going to Mike and Kelly, my first thought was – man I just gave a truck load of stuff to our church for a mission yard sale- I’m not sure I have anything left.  But as I began to think I realized yes we do have things we didn’t get together for the previous yard sales so maybe this would work.

Since then I’ve talked to a number of folks that say they have items to donate so it looks like we might have a decent size sale after all.  I’m passing this to you for a several reasons. 1) if donations continue to come in, we may need a large place than my home to have this yard sale so if you know of any spaces or lots with high traffic that would be available for a day, please let me know. 2) if you have anything sitting that you would like to donate, we will definitely take donations (please no junk, just items that can actually be sold) and lastly- 3) if you like yard sales please come out and see what we may have that you need and/or pass this on to others that might be interested.

At this moment the sale is scheduled for Saturday 7/17 at 7:30 215 Cherokee Dr Simpsonville, SC.  As I said above that could change but we would advise if that is the case.

More details on the accident can be found at or at their website