“Shining For Jesus” …..New Ground

What’s Been Going On In The Ministry?

Well, we are finishing up our 25th year as New Ground with about 170 dates under our belt.   Got to go to a few new events this year and share our music and are already looking forward to a very eventful 2019 with new places and new faces for our group.


What Is The Groups Favorite Place To Eat?


Anywhere there is food.  LOL   We enjoy eating at a lot of different places – not just one sticks out as our favorite.   We do frequent Cracker Barrel and Waffle House a lot but we all LOVE Mexican!!!


What is the website and booking information??


Our website is www.newgroundministries.com and you can call me (Robbie) at (256) 218-1983 for bookings!!!!  


Tell us something we probably don’t know about the group?


Hmmmm – A lot of people don’t know that I am a Mortician, Dale is an Engineer & Consultant, David is a Voice Teacher and Mickey – he’s Mickey – LOL – nah, Mickey is a Pastor.


Share a funny road story?


We were in a church and I was singing “He’ll Hold My Hand No Matter What Comes My Way”.   We heard a lady scream – well, being Holiness that didn’t affect me – but then another lady screamed – and then the two ladies jumped up and starting fighting – yep, right there in the middle of our song.   We never let up – just kept on singing.  The Pastor and a few ladies from the church came over and separated the two women and took them outside – and we continued the singing like nothing ever happened!!!!  Come to find out – the first lady thought the second lady had pulled her hair when she placed her hand on the back of the bench – but I wasn’t gonna ask if she really did??????


New Ground will be a featured artist at Southern Gospel Weekend 2019 in Oxford Alabama.

Over 20 artists will be singing . Josh and Ashley Franks , The Diplomats, The Bibletones, Hopes Journey, Eagles Wings, and many more.

Daytime showcases on Friday and Saturday and a breakfast on Saturday morning hosted by Oxford Alabama’s own, ClearVision Quartet.

Bring the entire family and meet us at Southern Gospel Weekend.

For more information: 256-310-7892