“Shining For Jesus”….. The Diplomats

“Getting To Know The Diplomats”

1.  What’s been going in the ministry of The Diplomats?

We are In the process of recording two new projects!

2. What is the Groups favorite place to eat when you’re traveling?

Lol “the bus”  we like the cook out. The Cracker Barrel and when we are in Branson we love to go to Lambert’s 

3. What is your website and booking info?



Dominion Agency

4. Tell us something we probably don’t know about the group.

We love playing games on the bus by doing dares!!  Mainly consisting of group food items to which Jim will eat anything!!!

5. Share a funny road story?

The best one was when we had our old bus we sang with The Gospel Enforcers and our buses were identified.  One of our members went on their bus thinking it was ours and begin to change clothes and was in his under garments when their guys walked on!!!!

The Diplomats will be a featured artist at Southern Gospel Weekend 2019 in Oxford Alabama.

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