Socks & Souls

Socks & Souls
a project for the homeless
by Leslie McKay

I know it is the middle of summer and in many places the heat has been unbearable. Many people are wearing sandals or going barefoot and no one is really thinking about Socks right now. However, before we know it the weather will change and cooler temps will be here followed by cold weather.

If you are like me, when it gets cold I love being able to pull on a pair of good, dry, warm Socks…maybe even some fuzzy ones. Unfortunately, to many in our community the enjoyment of a pair of Socks is a luxury that they don’t get to experience.
Did you know that one of the most requested items (besides food) that a homeless person requests is a pair of Socks? That’s right…SOCKS!

A number of years ago when Dennis and I were traveling and performing as McKay Project we met a couple that worked with a homeless organization in Missouri. When we found out that their most requested item for the homeless community was a pair of Socks, we were shocked and couldn’t believe it. Socks – those things we take for granted and have tons of in our drawers at home. The idea that a pair of good, dry, warm Socks could be an individual’s prized possession was truly eye opening for us. So,
we started a campaign called Socks & Souls. Over the course of about 9 months and with the help of so many generous people, we collected about 1,500 pairs of Socks and donated them to that ministry in Missouri.

It is time to do it again! We have decided to revive the Socks & Souls campaign.
We will be collecting Socks for the local homeless community at our teaching/recording studio – Studio 115A – in Columbus, MS through September 30th . Of course, if the Socks are still coming in past September 30th then we will keep going.
Anyone can participate! This is a great outreach project for the kids in your family, your life group or Sunday school class, your sports team, or just you as an individual.
For the price of a fancy cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you can buy a package of 6-8 pairs of Socks. That’s a great investment!

For more information, follow or message Studio 115A on Facebook (@musicstudio115a) and Instagram
(@studio115a_macrecords). Socks can be dropped off or sent to 201 N Browder St – Columbus MS

If you want to make a donation to the purchase of socks, you can do that as well. In the past
when folks made a donation, we took pictures or videos of the purchase so they knew that their money was being spent on socks. We will do that again.
If you can’t participate, then we ask that you pray for this effort. We want to bless others and show thelove of God to those in need. Let’s love our neighbor one pair of Socks at a time!

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