Song written to help support Gail and Mike Shelby

Gail and Mike Shelby
Gail and Mike Shelby of Eternal Vision


From Ben*Jam:

“We of BEN*JAM wrote, composed, and performed this song “Alive In My Arms” to honor the love and commitment that our friends Mike & Gail Shelby have for the Lord Jesus Christ & each other. 30% of ALL DIGITAL SALES go to support The Shelby Family, who are burdened with the heavy weight of medical bills. Please listen & share, and purchase this song. It will be released to national radio in Late January – Early February 2016. We just received the Mastered Mix of it last night & already it is up. Within the next 30 days it should be all across the web (Youtube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc). We’re especially grateful for everyone who had a part in the making of this song. Victoria Blankenship (Vocals, Piano), Benjamin Blankenship (Percussion). Steve Benne (Bass) is the principal bassist for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Miah Lajeunesse (Engineer) of “Sound Lair” in Knoxville, TN. *Thank you for supporting BEN*JAM. Thank you for supporting our friends, The Shelby’s, of Eternal Vision.” – Benjamin & Victoria Blankenship (BEN*JAM)


Please go, listen, share, encourage others to purchase. 30% of ALL DIGITAL SALES go to support The Mike & Gail Shelby. Thanks.

Listen and Download  song HERE


More information on Gail and Mike Shelby: HERE