The Southmen Quartet recently performed at the Louisiana State Prison, better known as Angola Prison; once called one of the most prison picnotorious prisons in America, now a model for other prisons.

Under the direction of Warden Burl Cain, the prison is now one of the most efficient and respected prisons in America.  Warden Cain is a strict disciplinarian, but he is also a very caring person.  The inmates not only respect him, but they love him.  Some of the inmates told me that the Warden was fair and honest with them and that they could converse with him.  Obey the rules – that is all that the Warden asks. Most of the 5000+ inmates at Angola are there for life.  They all have jobs, grow their own vegetables, and raise their meat on more than 18,000 acres.

Warden Cain is a Christian and believes that the only answer to our problems will come from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And he has instilled this in the inmates.  Under Warden Cain they have built churches on the property and have 26 inmate churches.  There are many chaplains – both full and part-time with volunteers as well.  The head chaplain is Robert Toney and was our host while at Angola.  Robert is truly a man of God and has a kind and gentle spirit with a true desire to encourage the inmates.

We loved every moment that we spent with Robert.  And, O by the way, he is a great singer and joined in with the Southmen on a number. Out of more than 5000 inmates, Robert stated that more than 2000 are born-again Christians.

Warden Cain has converted Angola into a facility that prisons across the country are now embracing.  Our visit there was a life changing experience for The Southmen.  We left there with a new attitude, a greater desire to work for Jesus and spread joy and hope to people everywhere.  The Southmen are a better quartet with a better ministry, and definitely are better men after our visit to Angola.

Angola is truly a place where God is moving.  You could just say that Angola is in revival.  Thanks to Warden Cain and Chaplain Toney for allowing us to be a part of what they stand for.