Steven Lawson Releases Song Just In Time For Easter

Branchland, WV (March 28, 2013) Renown Southern/Country Gospel singer Steven Lawson is releasing his exciting newstevenlawsonpromo song to radio just in time for the Easter Week.

Steven Lawson says “The timing couldn’t have been better for the release of this song. After being blessed by Pastors all over the world with the Easter message, radio stations will have the song “Just For Me” to remind their listeners that what Jesus did on the cross was just for them.”

The song is released on Patterson Promotions Vol 11. Hits radio stations Monday April 1. Written by Danny Harris, it talks about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and how he laid down His life for a lost and dying world.

In honor of the Easter holiday and the release of this brand new single, “Just For Me” and the new recording “God Of Another Chance”, readers can visit and sign up for my weekly newsletter subscription at and be entered to win a 3 pack of CDs. Winners will be announced Easter Sunday Morning at 9 am on the website.

Call your local radio station next week and request ” Just For Me” by Steven Lawson.

You can reach Steven Lawson at,, or