Surprise for Karen Peck and New River in BaySprings, Mississippi

When Jack Armstrong (Bibletones) came in to hear Karen Peck and New River last night in Bay Springs, Mississippi, Karen called him up to sing “Robe and Crown with the group,” But little did Karen know that Jack had a surprise for them…

Back in October at Creekside Gospel Music Convention, the Diamond awards were presented and Karen and New River won two awards.

“Hi folks, It is my honor to present this award to Karen Peck and New River for the 2021 Song of the year, “The God I Serve” on behalf of SGN SCOOPS Magazine and The Diamond Awards, stated Jack Armstrong. The church, all on their feet, congratulated the group. 

“Hey I’m not finished, added Jack. “Karen Peck has been a friend to us all for many years and she is dearly loved by our industry and fans all across this country. It is my pleasure for the second year in a row to present her as The Female vocalist of the year!

Bay Springs Baptist church in Bay Springs, Mississippi was the host for “An Evening With Karen Peck and New River.” It was enjoyed by all…


Congratulations Karen Peck and New River! We at SGN SCOOPS love you guys.