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Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Gospel Concerts Making an Impact

Written by Staff on May 4, 2018 – 10:07 am -

Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Concert Series Making an Impact

Lowesville Gospel Concerts stage

Charlie Griffin of SGNScoops’ Magazine tells the

story of one of the fastest growing gospel concert series

Carroll Cooke is a man on a mission, with a passion that is manifested by his actions and his love of gospel music. But when you get to know him, you will find out he just loves his family and everyone. He has never met a stranger. Gospel music is just one of his many interests.

His music is rooted in his faith. Cooke says, “I was saved when I was 10 years old. I don’t remember the church or the message. I do remember going to my dad and mom, telling them I had to go to the altar. The preacher led me in the sinner’s prayer and I accepted Jesus into my heart and he saved me forever. The preacher asked

Jordan's Bridge at Lowesville

Jordan’s Bridge at Lowesville

me to say something and all I could get out was, ‘I just want to thank him,’ ‘I just want to thank him,’ and to this day, I still just want to thank him.”

Over the years Cooke has been a singer, active church member, choir member, deacon, business owner, husband, father, and community leader. Each phase of his life has been fulfilled in so many ways. Yet in the last five years, his life has come into a richness that is being showcased in the small community of Lowesville, N.C.

His love of gospel music started at a young age. Cooke shares, “My dad (Roy A Cooke), mom (Lois Cooke), sister (now Hazel Sain), and I began singing as a quartet when I was six years old. We did this every weekend for about 15 years, then the next 40 years, I served as minister of music at different churches in and around the surrounding counties.

Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Gospel Concerts

Carroll Cooke and his wife, Barbara

I have only been trying to promote our music since late 2012.

“My dad was the most influential person in my life,” confesses Cooke. “He lived and breathed music. He was the choir director at our local church, and he wanted so badly for everyone who had a desire to sing, to be able to sing, and sing well. He would have V. O. Fossett of the Stamps Baxter Music School from Dallas, Texas, come for two weeks and teach the old shaped notes, along with voice, piano, and harmony. He then would go beg other churches in the area to have Fossett come teach at their church, and he was successful in doing just that. This way, we would attend singing schools about all summer.”

Sometimes it was more than just the singing. Cooke loved the buses too. “The first concert I ever remember attending was promoted by Charlie Burke at a ballpark in Newton, N.C. I don’t even remember who sang, I just remembered the busses, and thinking what a life that would be. I was probably 10 or 12 at the time. At 75, I have no desire to crawl in one of them, I just love to see them

Carroll Cooke’s Lowesville Gospel Concerts

Crowns of Light at Lowesville Gospel Concerts

pull in and pull out.”

During those years, his family grew. He became a leader in the community and in the church while developing a successful business. Cooke operated the Lowesville Automotive Warehouse in the Lowesville community near Stanley, N.C. Upon his retirement in 2012, he sold the property to Living Word Ministries.

In that former parts warehouse and store, Living Word Ministries shares the gospel with regular worship services each week since August 2012. Pastor Derrick Dellinger leads a growing church that is on fire for God. Their Outreach ministries are impacting the surrounding communities by helping the needy, feeding the homeless, and loving people. They present the gospel in a way that the new Christian can understand and

The Sheltons at Lowesville

The Sheltons at Lowesville

the mature disciple can continue to grow and be inspired, in a shame-free environment. No attitudes or judgment found at LWM, just a church family that is excited about what God is doing in the community.

As the church grew, Cooke found a desire to reach the community in a new outreach: Saturday night Southern gospel concerts. With the encouragement of Pastor Dellinger, Cooke started in January 2013 with concerts on the second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. That is 24 concert promotions each year.

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August 2012 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 8, 2012 – 9:10 pm -

We’re serving up another sizzling hot summer issue! This packed August edition unveils the list of the 2012 Diamond Awards Nominees! Also this month, Lorraine Walker, Sandi Duncan Clark, Jennifer Campbell, Charlie Sexton and Laura Kennedy presents the latest happenings in the ministries of Greater Vision, Charlotte Ritchie, Lynda Randle, The Skyline Boys, Jeff Steele and Jaidyn’s Call. Look behind the music with Rob Estep as he talks with Ben Storie, and focus on the young with Victoria Shirey as she shines the spotlight on Rebecca Reynolds. Don’t miss Rob Patz’ Publisher’s Point and enjoy a Media Minute with him along with Sylvia Green. Charlie Sexton covers the Lari Goss Celebration and Rhonda Frye catches up with Union Street, Roy Webb and Bruce Taliaferro on the road. Lou Wills Hildreth shares legendary memories, John Mathis Jr. offers a word of encouragement and Laurrette Willis’ reminds us to eat healthy! Jeff Hawes shares memories from his home town, and special guest writer, AJ RINALDI offers post-trauma faith sharing tips. We also share our excitement regarding 2 major upcoming events: The National Quartet Convention and Creekside Gospel Music Convention! See what songs are topping the charts and who is releasing new music in this all-digital, all free August Edition! And… Share with your friends!

Download The Magazine Here

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Jaidyn’s Call To Studio

Written by SGN Scoops on July 2, 2012 – 9:03 am -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call go into the studio this month to cut a new album. The project will be released September 9th, just in time for National Quartet Convention.Jaidyn’s call is a fresh, anointed sound in Southern Gospel Music.Debra’s roots were firmly grounded at a young age with her siblings, Libbi Perry-Stuffle and Randy Perry, as the Perry family made their permanent mark in the hearts of avid fans. Christopher and Debra also own Goldrush Recording, and are currently running a special. If one mentions reading this note about the studio, Goldrush offers a 10% discount.

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Jaidyn’s Call Special Guest on Gospel Music Today

Written by SGN Scoops on January 23, 2012 – 2:51 pm -

The guests on the current edition of Gospel Music Today are the members of Jaidyn’s Call. The Feature Group is The Youngs, and Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates. Ken and Jean visit the Southern Gospel Worship Gathering in Broken Arrow, OK, to hear The New Plainsmen sing. Jean reviews a new CD by Sherry Damron, and the show features singing by The Freemans and a vintage video by Calvary Calls. The latest show is online now at the Gospel Music Today website,

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Debra, Randy, and Libbi Perry to Reunite for Gospel Gold Jubilee

Written by SGN Scoops on September 21, 2011 – 5:42 am -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call will team up with Debra’s siblings, Randy Perry and Libbi Perry-Stuffle (The Perrys) for their annual Gold Rush Days & Gospel Gold Jubilee to be held in their hometown of Dahlonega, GA next month. The event is free to the public and is a reunion for the family each year as they share their testimonies and songs with fans all across the country. The Perrys will perform on Sat., Oct. 15 of the two-day event taking place the 15th & 16th. Debra Perry sang soprano with the original family group for 18 years. Debra’s husband, Christopher Reed, has also been involved in the music ministry for many years with groups; such as, the Toney Brothers and Blackwood Legacy. Lead singer, Grant Gibson, is from Jasper, AL, and sang with the Liberty Singers at his Alma Mater, Liberty University. The trio recently signed an agreement with EHA-Nashville to bring more awareness to their music and their latest project, “Blessing in Disguise,” was released this month. “We always enjoy getting together with our family for these events and singing our hearts out to all Perry fans,” says Debra.
For more info:
Jaidyn’s Call

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Jaidyns Call News

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 18, 2011 – 2:47 pm -

Debra Perry-Reed, (Original soprano of her family group, the Award Winning Perrys), along with her husband,Christopher Reed welcomes to their group Jaidyns Call’s Grant Gibson from Jasper, Alabama. Grant is a graduate of Liberty University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.
For more info.,

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