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Pray for the family of Lou Wills Hildreth

Written by Staff on February 28, 2019 – 9:18 am -

Lou Wills Hildreth

SGNScoops has learned of the passing of Lou Wills Hildreth this morning. She joined her beloved husband Howard, who passed in December.

Lou was a friend to many of us at SGNScoops, and wrote regularly for the magazine up until a short time ago. She was a legend in gospel music, and known by many in other types of music.

Lou was inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame in 2007. She was a member of the famous Wills family who sang for many years and brought gospel music into many different areas. Lou was also known for promoting concerts as well as many artists. She hosted several gospel music programs with JP Miller for many years.

Lou and Howard Hildreth join the Creekside Gospel Music Convention choir

Lou and Howard Hildreth join the Creekside Gospel Music Convention choir

Many people recognized Lou by her signature red curls, her big wide smile, and her sparkling eyes. I recognized her by her genuine love for people. She cared about those she met, and was encouraging to all.

Howard and Lou Hildreth

Howard and Lou Hildreth

Our prayers and sympathy go to the family of Lou Wills Hildreth. No details of services are known at this time.




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Pray for Lou Wills Hildreth and family

Written by Staff on December 30, 2018 – 9:45 am -

Howard and Lou Hildreth

Howard and Lou Hildreth

We at SGNScoops are saddened to hear of the passing of Howard Hildreth, loving husband of Lou Wills Hildreth. Among many other achievements in Gospel music, Ms. Lou was a writer for SGNScoops for many years. Many of us treasure her friendship and grieve with her and her family in their loss.

Lou and Howard Hildreth join the Creekside Gospel Music Convention choir

Lou and Howard Hildreth join the Creekside Gospel Music Convention choir

Howard Elton Hildreth, Jr., passed away on December 26. He and his beloved Lou had been married for 72 years. Howard also leaves behind their son, David, daughter, Kathryn, and four grandchildren.

The celebration of life service for Howard will be held on January 5, 2019, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Moore Bowen Road Funeral Home, located at 4216 South Bowen Road, Arlington, Texas, 76016

Lou Hildreth's plaque in the SGMA Hall of Fame

Lou Hildreth’s plaque in the SGMA Hall of Fame

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that a donation be made in Howard’s name to the SGMA Hall of Fame, in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

Address for the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame:
P.O. Box 6729
Sevierville, Tenn.

For more on Howard and Lou Hildreth, visit

In the August, 2018, issue of SGNScoops, Lou Hildreth wrote another Live, Love and Legends column. We thought we would reprint it here:

It is always an honor to be included in this excellent magazine. It has been awhile since I have contributed an article, but be assured my desire remains the same as before – to share blessings and honor our heavenly Father.

Howard and I are living comfortably in a Senior Retirement Center in Houston, Texas. We are thankful that our daughter Kathryn and our son David live nearby. We have four grandchildren who visit us often. Yes, we are blessed!  

One of my favorite bible verses is 2 Timothy 1:7,  “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” The other scripture is Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine that others will see your good works and glorify God.” And we know without a doubt, our salvation comes by our trust in Jesus Christ and the cross, not of works, lest we boast.

Dear readers, let me share a wonderful event that brought so much joy to this old heart. My brother, Bob Wills, carries on the Singing Wills Family legacy. He hosts a gospel music event every Friday night at Dove Creek Café in Roanoke, Texas, serving the Fort Worth-Dallas areas.  

On June 22nd, a dear friend – Dr. Eddie Reynolds, Emmanuel Baptist University of N.C. – came to Dove Creek and presented Bob Wills, Curtis Elkins, Regina Huckaba, and me with beautifully framed “Honorary Doctor of Music” certificates. Mary Fay Jackson was there with her video camera to record this for the Jones Family Network.   

This was such a great honor and I loved sharing it with my precious family and friends.  My fabulous daughter Kathryn drove us to Ft. Worth and we had so much fun!

Thank you to my dear friends Lorraine Walker and Rob Patz for the opportunity to “let my light shine!”

All of us at SGNScoops extend our love and prayers to Lou and all of the family and friends of Howard Hildreth.

Lou Wills Hildreth bio


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December 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 9, 2015 – 9:18 am -

December 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

December 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

Merry Christmas!  Welcome to the December issue of SGNScoops Magazine. We hope you enjoy the many festive and inspiring features we have for you this month.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound grace our cover and these gentlemen are all dressed up for the season. Craig Harris talks to each member and finds out details you likely never knew about the popular quartet.

We remember the gracious Faye Speer and also Paul Roark. We pay tribute to our own Lou Wills Hildreth who is retiring.
Other artists you will meet include Josh Feemstra of Legacy Five, Josh Allen of the Allen Family, author Bethany Baker and the Mattingly Family.

We have artists’ Christmas prayers, Christmas devotionals, CD reviews, the DJ Spotlight and the Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame.
So much more and everything is sprinkled with Christmas spirit!
Thank you so much for reading SGN Scoops. On behalf of the entire Scoops team, Merry Christmas from the Publisher, Rob Patz and the Editor, Lorraine Walker.

May your heart be illuminated by the light of God’s Son, His greatest Gift to us. John 3:16.

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Life, Love, and Legends: By Lou Wills Hildreth

Written by Staff on October 27, 2015 – 12:45 pm -

Photo A. The Talleys--Debra, Roger, Lauren, with Lou Hildreth

Photo A. The Talleys–Debra, Roger, Lauren, with Lou Hildreth

 Blessed by Young and Old Friends

Bill Gaither sings a song that resonates with so many of us: “Old friends, after all of these years, just old friends; through the laughter and tears, old friends…” and I thank God for blessing my LIFE with both old and young friends.

Recently, Howard and I were guests of Russell Allen and the Dignity Gospel Quartet at the Houston Gospel Song-fest and we LOVED hearing Gospel music sung by dynamic young artists, plus some of our LEGENDARY longtime friends. Emotions were at a high level as Roger, Debra, and Lauren Talley met us backstage. My mind went back to those early years in Nashville when I was hosting a daily TV show and was thrilled to have the Talleys as guests on the program. They were already well known and loved in Gospel music. The interview with Roger and Debra was easy and smooth as we talked about our passion for singing about Jesus. Lauren was just a kid, and she was adorable with her comments. She captivated our TV audience! I reminded Lauren of that long-ago event as she, Debra, and Roger left to go onstage for the concert.

Photo B. Tribute Quartet–Riley Harrison Clark, Gary Casto, Josh Singletary, Anthony Davis

Photo B. Tribute Quartet–Riley Harrison Clark, Gary Casto, Josh Singletary, Anthony Davis

Joining the Talleys for the Songfest was the fabulous male group Tribute Quartet. Gary Casto, manager and lead vocalist, is also a dear longtime friend. Josh Singletary, baritone and keyboardist, laughed as we remembered teasing each other about our red hair many years ago. Riley Harrison Clark, tenor, and Anthony Davis, bass vocalist, are two of the finest young artists gracing gospel platforms today. The concert was a lively blend of talents featuring the Talleys and Tribute.

Photo C. Dignity Gospel Quartet- Wally Shuttlesworth, Clint Hebert, Josh Flynn, Russell Allen

Photo C. Dignity Gospel Quartet- Wally Shuttlesworth, Clint Hebert, Josh Flynn, Russell Allen

We loved every minute of it, including hearing our host Dignity Gospel Quartet with their new lead vocalist Josh Flynn. Josh is excellent and works well with Russell Allen, Clint Hebert, and Wally Shuttlesworth. Howard and I thank Russell and the group for treating us to this wonderful concert. A couple from our church, West University Baptist, Paul and Willene Gutenberger, drove us and joined us on the front row. They said it was the best Gospel concert they had attended.

I thank God for my LIFE in gospel music, and the LOVE of our precious LEGENDS of gospel music. My heart overflows with gratitude for the multitude of young friends who are dedicated to the spreading of the gospel and the privilege of “shining a light for Jesus,” Matthew 5:16.

By Lou Wills Hildreth

For more artist news, visit the SGN Scoops Facebook page.











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Jerry and the Singing Goffs to be honored at Creekside 2015

Written by Staff on October 15, 2015 – 7:37 am -

Tank Tackett, Jerry Goff, Bill Dykes

Tank Tackett, Jerry Goff, Bill Dykes

Pigeon Forge TN (October 13, 2015) – The 2015 Creekside Gospel Music Convention will host a very special evening on Monday, November 2nd. Lou Wills Hildreth will honor Dr. Jerry Goff and the Singing Goffs during the four-day event at Pigeon Forge TN, November 2nd through 5th, 2015.
Jerry and the Singing Goffs were well known for their great singing, songs that still are being sung today, and the communication excellence of Dr. Jerry Goff. One of best-known lineups was Jerry Goff, Tank Tackett and Bill Dykes. Other members included Barry Hess, Gary Buckles, Art Ross, Wally Goff, Bobby Howard, Gary Valentine, Dave Thomas, David Harvell, Dave Rowland, David Hoskins and Gene Jones, among others.They had several hits including “I’ll See You In The Rapture,” “Please Search The Book Again” and “I Am Blessed.” The most memorable part of their concerts was when Dr. Goff brought out his trumpet and thrilled the audience with his playing. Now it’s time to show our appreciation for his work in Southern Gospel music.

Jan and Jerry Goff

Jan and Jerry Goff

“Wow!” says Dr. Jerry Goff. “I was truly excited to learn about a night to honor The Singing Goffs at the Creekside Gospel Convention, but it’s also humbling to receive such honor from your peers. They are the ones who know you best.”
Lou Hildreth, part of the legendary Wills Family, says, “It gives me great pleasure to honor my longtime friends, Jerry and the Singing Goffs, on Monday night,  November 2nd at Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge. Dr. Jerry Goff is known and respected by the Gospel music industry and fans as a great singer, an MC who set the banner high, a preacher of the gospel, a television legend and pioneer, a trumpet player who left us overwhelmed with the beauty of the

Lou Wills Hildreth

Lou Wills Hildreth

moment, a songwriter who expressed our deepest concerns, and a Godly man who consistently presented top talent as Jerry and The Goffs. We appreciate Creekside GMC for the opportunity to present this honor!”
“I am excited that Jerry Goff and The Singing Goffs are being honored during the Creekside Gospel Music Convention,” says Patricia Mathis, Vice President of WATC in Atlanta, GA. “I saw first hand how much the audience loved and were blessed by the music of Jerry and the group. I still remember the excitement and enjoyment of the audience when Jerry made his entrance from the back of the room to the stage by blowing the trumpet and shaking hands with those in attendance. I hope everyone will attend this wonderful celebration.”

Creekside 2015

Creekside 2015

Rob Patz, Publisher of SGN Scoops says, “We are so happy to host the Lou Hildreth Honors and to welcome Dr. Jerry Goff to Creekside. He and his group made inroads in Gospel music and a night to honor them is long overdue. We hope all of his friends, fans and family are able to travel to Pigeon Forge for this event.”
Creekside Gospel Music Convention begins November 2nd at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center. Daily showcases, jam sessions, nightly concerts and Midnight Prayer are all scheduled from Monday until Thursday. The 2015 Diamond Awards are held on Tuesday, November 3rd. Creekside tickets are free but must be reserved. For more information on tickets and lodging visit or call Rob Patz at 360.933.0741. Free tickets are available at:

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March 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 8, 2015 – 10:43 pm -

March 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

March 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

We are thrilled to present the March edition of SGNScoops magazine! Our cover showcases one of the best of today’s Bluegrass artists, Balsam Range. The feature by Marcie Gray tells us all about these talented men and their music, as well as the story behind their latest hit single, “Stacking Up The Rocks.”

SGN Scoops also pays tribute to the late great Mosie Lister, and features Brandon Stone of the Gospel Harmony Boys, the ladies of Sweetwater Revival, Redheads in Southern Gospel, Reagan Griffin, Page Trio, the Wills Family Reunion and DJ Richie Rose, as well as so much more!
We invite you to soak in the wisdom of all of our monthly columnists and hear their adventures! Lou Wills Hildreth, David Staton, Kelly Nelon Clark, Jeff Steele, Sherry Anne, Dusty Wells and Laurette Willis will encourage and enlighten you.
Thanks to all of our SGNScoops artists and writers. We appreciate you so much! Thanks as well to all of you who read our magazine faithfully every month. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to write to me at
Please read, download and share with your friends today!
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December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 9, 2014 – 4:30 pm -

December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

December 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Merry Christmas from SGNScoops! We hope you are enjoying this special time of year. Take a moment to relax and share this gift we are giving to you this Christmas.

You will see from the wrapping that our December SGNScoops is full of special words from your favorite artists as they share their Christmas thoughts and memories.
We hope you enjoy the special features on the Purple Hulls, Bryan and Yvonne Hutson, Phillip Collingsworth, Randy Byrd of the Mark Trammell Quartet, The Griffins, Southern Raised, The Perrys, Heather Ruppe, The Preachers Kid Retreat and more.
Special Christmas memories are shared by the Chrisagis Brothers, the Hagees, Tim Duncan, Ann Downing and other artists.
Be sure to settle in by the fire and enjoy the articles by Lou Wills Hildreth, David Staton, Laurette Willis, Dr. Jeff Steele, Kelly Nelon Clark, Sherry Anne, Scott Rhoades and more.
We are thrilled to welcome Dusty Wells to our staff as he shares his own words of wisdom.
Please unwrap this gift and enjoy each part, specially made for you, cover to cover.
Thank you for being a part of our world as we shared our hearts with you.
Merry Christmas from all the www. and Coastal Media Group!

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July 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 9, 2014 – 9:01 pm -

July 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

July 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

In this month of family vacations, celebrating freedom and enjoying summer, we hope you take a moment to see what we’ve done on SGN Scoops! We present to you a magazine filled with freedom, hope and all that is good in today’s Southern Gospel and Christian Country music!

July brings a whole host of features, including our cover story on America’s Favorite Gospel Music Family, The Hoppers. Craig Harris takes an in-depth look at the past, present and future of The Hoppers through the eyes of each of the family. Learn why Claude is smiling more these days and Karlye is studying hard. Read about Dean’s and Michael’s role in the group business and why Kim is humbled by her career. Take a close look at the ‘Mother’s Heart’ of Connie Hopper and why she smiles even more widely at the thought of what may be in store for Lexus. A terrific summer read!!

Dixie Phillips fills us in on another of Southern Gospel’s families, the Wilbanks; Marcie Gray tells us all about the Southern Gospel Music Associations’ Hall Of Fame and new contributor Dan Duncan interviews Christian Country artist James Payne. Speaking of Christian Country, don’t miss Natalie Taylor’s first-hand account of Red Roots’ appearance at Creation Festival NE 2014.

Jennifer Campbell shares her experience as part of a short-term missions trip to New York City. Lorraine Walker highlights Triumphant, who have just released a new praise CD, and Cross Pointe, whose new video can be seen on the right of the SGN Scoops website.

Don’t miss the activities of Lou Wills Hildreth as she shares her Love, Life and Legends column; David Staton’s ‘Can You Handle The Truth;” life moment devotions by Dr. Jeff Steele, Kelly Nelon Clark and Sherry Anne; and the must-read Younger Perspective by Erin Stevens who interviews Riley Harrison Clarke. Lorraine also brings us closer look at D.A. Callaway, the man behind Silver Dollar City’s Southern Gospel Picnic!

Other highlights include ‘Event Planner’, a concert review of the Karen Peck and New River Homecoming by Lynn Mills; super New Music reviews by our own Sandi Duncan Clark; and the new DJ Spotlight by everyone’s favorite southern DJ, Vonda Easley. And don’t miss Sandi’s “Letter From…” in the first part of the magazine.

Our publisher, Rob Patz, gets to the heart of things with a few thoughts on ‘Freedom’ in his Publisher’s Point. He also gets to interview his good friend, Pauline Patterson, in his column, ‘What America Wants To Know About…”.

Laurette Willis brings our thoughts back from summer sloth to healthy activities with her column, ‘Present Your Bodies.’

All this plus a Creekside Update, SGN Scoops Top 100 and much, much more! Read what is encouraging, uplifting, creative and gifted about our Christian artists and their ministries.

We hope you have time this month to put your feet up on your lounger, grab your iced tea (or coffee!) and open up SGN Scoops July magazine. You won’t be sorry!

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June 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 14, 2014 – 2:28 pm -


June is bursting with great features and indepth devotionals in SGN Scoops digital magazine! We feature the family music of The Dunaways on our cover, as well as the latest Scoops on Danny Funderburk, Freedom’s Crossing, Debbie Bennett and Autumn Nelon Clark.
Check out our writers’ reviews of terrific concert events, including the Gaither Family Fest, Dailey & Vincent, Singing In The Sun 2014, the Jackie Wilburn Memorial and the Sneed Family Homecoming. Read all about the inaugural Ozark Gospel Music Festival written by guest Scoops writer Joshua Heston. It was a hit!
Don’t miss Lou Wills Hildreth’s monthly feature on Love, Life and Legends. We also have special features by Dr. Jeff Steele, Sherry Anne, David Staton, Laurette Willis and Scott Rhoades.
All this plus the SGN Scoops Top 100, New Music Review, the Creekside Gospel Music Convention Update and the Great Doughnut Caper as well as Rob Patz’s Publisher’s Point. There is so much more that we can’t fit it all in this report! You HAVE to read it for yourself.
So pick up that Iced Tea or Frozen Lemonade, sit back and enjoy the June 2014 issue of SGN Scoops digital magazine!

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Gospel Music Today On

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 10, 2014 – 9:25 am -

Lou Wills Hildreth is the guest on Gospel Music Today for the week of February 9. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates, the Feature Group is The Social Security Boys, and Jean reviews a new recording by Down Home. An article about Dianne Wilkinson is the subject of this week’s Singing News Notes. The Songfellows Quartet sings, and the show includes exclusive video of McCray Dove and The Dove Brothers Band, recorded by Gospel Music Today’s cameras at The Owasso Gospel Opry, in Owasso, OK, and a visit to the Gospel Music Today Archives for an exclusive concert video of Declaration.

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