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Ryan Stutzman and family need prayer

Written by Staff on May 11, 2018 – 7:48 am -

Ryan Stutzman

Ryan Stutzman

Many may remember the Stutzman family as they sang gospel music a few years ago. After the release of their album “Life Stories” in 2008, Rob Patz recorded a radio program with them for Southern Styles. Lorraine Walker interviewed the family for SGNScoops’ January 2010 Magazine here.

The patriarch of the family, Ryan, was involved in an altercation recently, as he drove a Uber car.

Ryan Stutzman and family need prayer

Ryan and Heather Stutzman

Ryan’s wife Heather posted the following on her Facebook page on May 1, 2018:

“Wanted to let all our friends know: Early Sunday morning (April 29) Ryan was involved in an altercation while he was out Uber driving. He was slammed to the ground and his heart stopped. He was taken to the hospital where they gave him paralytics and cooled his body temperature while they spent most of the day trying to regulate his heart. Late Monday night they did an emergency heart cath and found that he had suffered a severe of heart attack. 100% blockage of the main artery (The Widow Maker). They put in a stint and blood is now flowing well again. The big question now is how much damage was done to the brain. EEG this morning showed some brain activity…not normal, but it is there! Not very responsive yet, but they say that is normal considering how long he has been sedated. They removed the vent momentarily to see his response and he did show signs of trying to breathe on his own. EEG also showed he is at risk for seizures, so they have him on meds for that as well.

Ryan Stutzman and family need prayer

The Stutzman Family

“The doctors all say that he is young and that is a big benefit, but they aren’t being overly optimistic at this point either. Are planning another EEG in the morning and hope to have a better idea in 72 hrs. Belinda is here in Florida with me and has been a rock! Keep MaKayla and Rebecca in your thoughts. It’s hard for them having to hear all the news from so far away. We all know Ryan is a strong, stubborn man and I have told him in no uncertain terms that he is not getting rid of me that easily! We appreciate your prayers. I will keep you updated as we hear more…”

Heather’s latest posts are heart-wrenching as tests showed that Ryan was unable to survive and the family was forced to make the decision to end life support. Ryan is now in a hospice as the family says goodbye.

Ryan Stutzman and family need prayer

Dianne Wilkinson and Ryan Stutzman

To extend your thoughts and prayers, you can go to Heather Stutzman’s Facebook page here.

Everyone at SGNScoops sends their prayers to the Stutzman family during this difficult time.

Special thanks to Randall Hamm for sharing photos.

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