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Sharps Chapel, TN – Chapel Valley is excited to announce the addition of Surrendered, from Gadsden, Alabama, to their family of artists. Surrendered is a mixed southern gospel trio. Russell Wise, Tiffany Hamilton and Jesse Fuson began singing regionally in 2015 and expanded their tour schedule to the national market in 2016 after their first top 40 hit, “I’ve Been to the Well” remained in the top 40 on the charts for three consecutive months. Russell has been singing for 40 years, so he knows what great music sounds like. His experience as a musician and in the music industry is a true asset to Surrendered as they pursue ministry opportunities. Tiffany proclaimed her desire to sing for Jesus at the tender age of three, and she sings straight from her heart. Add Jesse’s smooth harmony and desire to share the joy of the Lord with all who hear their music and you have a strong bond that drives this trio out to share the gospel each weekend. Surrendered has already achieved some accolades during their young ministry together. The group was voted 2017 Top 10 Fan Favorite New Artist in the Singing News Fan Awards. They were voted both Trio of the Year and Social Media Ministry of the Year in the 2017 Crimson Music Awards and Sunrise Trio of the Year in the 2016 Diamond Awards. Shane Roark shared, “Chapel Valley is absolutely thrilled to be working with this incredibly talented trio. They understand the music business, but more importantly, they understand the ministry behind the music, and we are looking forward to making some incredible music together.” Surrendered is excited about their future with Chapel Valley at the helm of their recording projects. Their newest radio single, “What Kind of a Man” is rising the charts, and you can expect to hear some incredible new music soon as they prepare to work on their first album with Chapel Valley. Visit their website to learn more about Surrendered: Be sure to visit and like their Facebook page, as well at If you’d like to bring Surrendered to minister at your church or special event, contact The Dominion Agency at (828) 454-5900 or visit

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Surrendered Welcomes Jesse Fuson

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Surrendered Welcomes Jesse Fuson

Surrendered Welcomes Jesse Fuson

Surrendered, a Southern Gospel trio from Gadsden, Alabama is proud to announce the addition of Jesse Fuson. Jesse resides in Haleyville, AL with his wife (Stacy) and 8-year-old son (Xander). Married
for 14 years, they reflect such a love of God and family. Together, they lead very busy lives and there is never a dull moment! From an early age, Jesse was singing. He learned harmonies with his parents and siblings.

They spent years sharing their music. The family transitioned from Southern Gospel to Bluegrass Gospel, where
he learned to play mandolin and dobro. His heart is still rooted in Southern Gospel. He plays acoustic guitar and is also a songwriter. His testimony is rock solid and grounded in simple Bible principals. Jesse loves Southern Gospel music and it has carried him through some emotional roller coasters.

When his mom passed on March 4 th , 2016, his life was turned upside down. It was then that he had to lean upon the Lord for peace. His mom taught him to always allow the spirit of the Lord to lead. He
learned the importance of a true anointing and calling. This is his life. He plans to share the gospel for as long as God opens doors.

Group manager, Russell Wise, said “Jesse has a heart for ministry. He loves the Lord, his family, the calling on his life and he has a list of talents a mile long”. When Tiffany Hamilton first heard him sing,
her response was classic “Wow, just wow”! On the road, they are a family. Off the road, they are a family. Bonded by a calling on their lives, love & respect one for another, and the security that GOD is
leading the way Surrendered is more excited than ever to blaze new trails.

The group was saddened when their tenor singer, Joseph Reed (Nashville, TN) had to step down last Fall due to health issues. However, Joseph remains their close friend and confidant. He is steadfast in encouraging and helping the group any way possible. Blessed with great supporters and fill ins – the
group never missed a single date! Thank the Lord for His tender mercies!

Please join us in welcoming Jesse Fuson to Surrendered. We are excited about this new journey for
which God has ordained. To contact Surrendered, please email us at

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Joseph Reed Exits Surrendered

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Joseph Reed Exits Surrendered

Joseph Reed Exits Surrendered

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I will be stepping down from my position as tenor vocalist for Surrendered. 14 months ago I joined the group and they quickly became family. They will always be my family. As many of you know, I have been having health issues. I’ve been hospitalized three times over the past four months. At first, Dr’s thought I may have Lymphoma and thank God that the specialists have recently told me that they no longer suspect cancer. We assumed neck pain and hoarseness I was having was related to the pressure from enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, however, I have been diagnosed with MTD (Muscle Tension Dysphonia). The tension from muscles supporting my vocal chords are keeping them from working efficiently. I am horse and in pain daily right now. I am currently in physical and speech therapy for an undetermined amount of time. With months of limited vocal use ahead, ordered by Doctors, I am simply unable to meet the demand of a full singing schedule. I’m indebted to the men who have filled in to sing for me in my absence. I’ve traveled thousands of miles and sang hundreds of times with Surrendered. I regret nothing. I have met thousands of new friends on the road. Russell and Lori Wise have been very good to me and have always exceeded my expectations. They’ve been right beside me, lifting me up, through this health battle. Surrendered will continue to have tremendous success. Russell and Tiffany are talented vocalists. I will miss standing beside them. Lori is called to be a group manager. They are genuine and Godly people. I encourage everyone to join me and support them now more than ever. Go to their concerts. Buy their merchandise. Call and request the new song featuring Russell, “His tomb is empty now”. Pastors and Promoters, have them at your church or event. I can personally say that they have a heart for gospel music and ministry. Great things are ahead for Surrendered. They are forever my family. Nothing is a surprise to God. I am forever grateful to be Surrendered Alumni. I love you all, Joseph.

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Please Pray for Russell and Lori Wise

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Dear Friends,

Lori Wise, wife of Russell Wise (Former group Wendy Bagwell, Now- Surrendered) has been in the hospital for several days battling pneumonia.

Here is the lastest news:

Was in bronchoscopy room. Hands cuffed, about to receive twilight meds and have nose deadened – when the call came to stop the procedure.

Sending me for another cat scan WHEN they can find a large enough vein – blood work now showing possible blood clots in lungs. Need prayer warriors onboard!! Russell


Will you join us in praying for our friend?

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“Sweet Home Alabama Tour”

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Southern Gospel Music was alive and well in Gadsden, Alabama tonight when Day Three, Surrendered, and Exodus joined together at Higher Ground Baptist Church for their “Sweet Home Alabama” Tour.

Here are a few pics from the night!


Day Three



All three groups did a wonderful job. One special highlight was when Susan Brady’s (Exodus) Mom went to the piano.



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Surrendered’s Russell Wise Blessed with Good News after Health Scare

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 11, 2017 – 8:13 am -

Surrendered's Russell Wise Blessed with Good News after Health Scare

Surrendered’s Russell Wise Blessed with Good News after Health Scare

Gadsden, Alabama  During 2017, Surrendered has experienced both challenges and successes as they have been blessed with tremendous growth in their ministry. The Southern Gospel trio, from Gadsden, Alabama, has won multiple awards, ministered at top events, enjoyed TV appearances, and had charting singles.

Surrendered is also scheduled to enter the Daywind Music Studios in the next few weeks to begin recording a new project, under the direction of Producer, Jason Clark. Additionally, the trio is set to appear at some of gospel’s biggest events in the next few months.

The year has also brought challenges. Recently, founding member, Russell Wise, experienced symptoms of serious health issues. These included disorientation, chest pain, arm pain, and nausea. Russell went to the doctor and was immediately sent to the emergency room. After several days in the hospital, recovering and undergoing a battery of tests to determine the cause of his health issues, it was determined that Russell has type 2 diabetes. Wise will begin a regimen that includes diet and lifestyle changes. Surrendered will not miss any scheduled dates.

“I’m very thankful to my wife, Lori, and my Surrendered family, Tiffany Hamilton and Joseph Reed for encouraging me to find the root of my health issues.” said Russell Wise. He continued, “I’m also thankful for a tremendous group of health professionals and know that their hands were guided by the Great Physician as they worked tirelessly to discover what was causing my symptoms. They continue to share their expertise as they are helping me develop a healthier lifestyle.” This experience has turned a serious challenge into an unexpected blessing as Wise continues his path to better health for life.

Surrendered’s Joseph Reed said “While Russell gave us a scare, we all knew that ‘God has this,’ and we knew with his faith, along with thousands of prayers on his behalf, that he would be able to continue his ministry, while being healthier, more energetic, and funnier than ever.” Reed added, “Tiffany and I are thankful for Russell as he leads Surrendered by example. I’ve never known anyone that loves God and gospel music more than him. Russell and Lori have the faith, expertise, and drive to lead Surrendered as we continue to be blessed with new opportunities”

Russell and Lori Wise want to thank everyone for their calls, visits, texts, prayer chains and overwhelming support. They also share that they could not have accomplished last weekend’s concerts without the help of the group, and Chris Hamilton (Tiffany’s husband). Russell and Lori are excited to see where the Lord leads Surrendered as they continue to share the Gospel through music.

Look for Surrendered at top events and venues in the next few months, including the National Quartet Convention, and Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They will also be ministering in churches across several states, taking part in concerts, revivals, conventions and more.

Join Surrendered on Facebook, and also find out more about them at For booking information, contact Michael Davis at 858-454-5900.

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Surrendered, Welcomes New Vocalist

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Surrendered, Welcomes New Vocalist

Surrendered, Welcomes New Vocalist

Gadsden, Alabama –  Award winning trio, Surrendered, recently welcomed vocalist Tiffany Hamilton to the Gadsden, Alabama based group.

A seasoned vocalist, Tiffany Hamilton has been singing since the age of 4. Gospel music fans will enjoy the powerful range, and energy she brings to Surrendered. Hamilton resides in Oxford, Alabama with her husband, Chris and their 2 daughters, Sara and Macy.

Former female vocalist, Sadie Renae, spent two dedicated years with the group, and has recently come off the road to pursue other interests. Everyone with Surrendered wishes Sadie the absolute best in her future endeavors.

Surrendered is honored to be recording their upcoming album at Daywind Studios in Nashville, TN with Producer Jason Clark of The Nelons. Look for great new music from Surrendered and their new lineup soon.

When asked about joining the growing ministry of Surrendered, Hamilton said, “I’m looking forward to hitting the road with Surrendered to share my heart for ministry and my love for Christ through this music to people all over the country,”  Russell Wise, and Joseph Reed, the other members of the trio, share her excitement about their ministry.

Surrendered encourages Southern Gospel music fans to go to their Facebook page and welcome Tiffany to the group.

To learn more about Surrendered, go to For booking information, contact Michael Davis at the Dominion Agency at 858-454-5900.

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Surrendered Releases New Single, “You Don’t Know the Half of It”

Written by Staff on March 9, 2017 – 3:18 pm -

Surrendered Song Written by Award Winning Songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson



Gadsden, Alabama (February 23, 2017) Fresh on the heels of their top 40 hit, “I’ve Been to the Well,” gospel trio, Surrendered, has released “You Don’t Know the Half of It,” to radio stations nationwide. The song was written by top songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson, and distributed by Jan Puryear Promotions.

“When we heard, “You Don’t Know the Half of It,” we knew this was a song that would resonate with listeners, just like it did all of us in the group,” said Russell Wise of Surrendered. “Dianne Wilkinson has been one of gospel’s top songwriters for years and we are all excited to share this song in concert, and on radio,” he concluded.

Dianne Wilkinson writes new song for Surrendered

Dianne Wilkinson

Dianne Wilkinson added, “Some time back, I heard an expression we have all used when we’re trying to convey something of great excitement or magnitude…”You don’t know the HALF of it”! As often happens, even with something I’ve heard all my life, this time I thought to myself, “that applies to the glory of our afterlife as children of God like it applies to nothing else”! I knew I wanted to write it.” She continues, “If we had even a glimpse of it now, we couldn’t stand it. We’ll have to be in our glorified bodies to see that marvelous “other half” that God has waiting for us in eternity! I’m delighted that Surrendered has recorded this song and sent it to radio. We hope it will bless the saints, and make the unsaved want to go!”

Having just been blessed with back to back months in the Singing News Top 40 Southern Gospel Charts, Surrendered is quick to give credit to God for his blessings. “There is no way to say thank you enough for the amazing support from our family, friends, DJ’s, promoters and our agent. All the credit goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ITS ALL GOD!”

To learn more about Surrendered, click here. For booking information, contact Michael Davis at the Dominion Agency.

For more Gospel news click here.


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Surrendered Welcomes Vocalist Joseph Reed

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 28, 2016 – 8:00 am -

Award Winning Gospel Trio, Surrendered, Welcomes Vocalist Joseph Reed

Award Winning Gospel Trio, Surrendered, Welcomes Vocalist Joseph Reed

Gadsden AL  Surrendered, an award winning gospel trio from Gadsden, AL, recently announced the addition of Joseph Reed to the group. A multi talented singer, musician and speaker, Reed adds a new dimension to this upcoming and progressive gospel trio. A fresh sound and a “family feel,” to live events will add to the excitement and ministry of Surrendered.

Born and raised in Bristol, TN, Joseph currently resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife Brandi and their 5 children. Reed began singing and playing gospel music at the age of 8. He traveled full time singing and preaching with his Dad, Cecil Reed, for more than 15 years. He fell in love with both music and ministry. Through the years, he has performed his music to cafe crowds of 30, and to sold out crowds of over 13,000. Joseph’s experience also includes opening for George Jones, as well as singing background vocals for Carman. He has shared the stage with several award winning gospel and country music artists.

As a child, Joseph would write song lyrics on his closet door, with a permanent marker. Later, when he began using pencil and paper, his mom began an entirely new level of support and encouragement of his songwriting. No stranger to songwriter showcases, Reed has had songs recorded by Music Row recording artists. He also plays several instruments including the piano, drums and acoustic and bass guitars.

“All of us at Surrendered are excited to present the multi talented Joseph Reed as our newest member,” said Russell Wise, founding member and bassist for the group. “Not only is he a wonderful vocalist, he is an excellent musician and speaker.  His voice, infectious sense of humor and genuine dedication to sharing the gospel will fit right in with the ministry of Surrendered.”

Surrendered is excited to introduce Joseph at the huge winter concert, coming up this Thursday in Gadsden, Alabama. Surrendered will be joined by one of gospel’s top quartets, Gold City, for this special event. The concert will be held at the Tabernacle, on South 11th Street in Gadsden. Tickets for this exciting concert are available in advance by calling 205-937-1185 for only $10.00 each. Tickets will also be available at the door for only $12.00. The doors will open at 5:30 central with the concert beginning at 6:30. A love offering will be taken. The pastor at the Tabernacle is Tommy Marshall.

Reed will be joining vocalist and bassist Russell Wise, vocalist Sadie Renae Matthews and drummer Kendall Lee Teague in the group. For booking information for Surrendered, pastors and promoters can contact the Dominion Agency at 828-454-5900. Surrendered music is provided to radio by Jan Puryear Promotions. More information on Surrendered can be found  at or on Facebook @surrenderedministries.

For More Southern Gospel News HERE

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Gold City and Surrendered Concert

Written by scoopsnews on December 21, 2016 – 8:10 am -

Gold City

Gadsden, Alabama (December 20, 2016) Gold City, one of gospel music’s most honored quartets, will team up with one of the genre’s top new groups, Surrendered, to present a special winter concert on Thursday, December 29th. The event will be held at the Tabernacle, 1301 South 11th Street, in Gadsden, Alabama.

Gadsden, Alabama has long been home to some of gospel’s top artists and events. This special concert will feature 2 hometown groups. Both Gold City and Surrendered call Gadsden home.

Surrendered has quickly became known as one of the most innovative, exciting and dedicated groups in Southern Gospel. They have won multiple awards, including the Diamond Award as Top New Trio, as well as the top prize in the Sing Atlanta talent contest. Their current single “I’ve Been to the Well” is currently a top 80 tune in the Singing News Southern Gospel chart.

Gold City has long been one of gospel music’s top quartets. They continue to be featured in top events, including the National Quartet Convention, and their music is constantly near the top of the charts.

Russell Wise of Surrendered said “We feel very blessed and excited to see what the Lord has done with the ministry of Surrendered in 2016. We hope this concert will be a blessing to those in attendance as we thank the community for their support. We’re especially excited to share the stage with one of the all time great quartets, Gold City.”

Tickets for this exciting concert are available in advance by calling 205-937-1185 for only $10.00 each. Tickets will also be available at the door for only $12.00. The doors will open at 5:30 central with the concert beginning at 6:30. A love offering will be taken. The pastor at the Tabernacle is Tommy Marshall.

You can learn more about Gold City at Find out more about Surrendered at

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