Surrendered Releases New Single, “You Don’t Know the Half of It”

Surrendered Song Written by Award Winning Songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson


Gadsden, Alabama (February 23, 2017) Fresh on the heels of their top 40 hit, “I’ve Been to the Well,” gospel trio, Surrendered, has released “You Don’t Know the Half of It,” to radio stations nationwide. The song was written by top songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson, and distributed by Jan Puryear Promotions.

“When we heard, “You Don’t Know the Half of It,” we knew this was a song that would resonate with listeners, just like it did all of us in the group,” said Russell Wise of Surrendered. “Dianne Wilkinson has been one of gospel’s top songwriters for years and we are all excited to share this song in concert, and on radio,” he concluded.

Dianne Wilkinson writes new song for Surrendered
Dianne Wilkinson

Dianne Wilkinson added, “Some time back, I heard an expression we have all used when we’re trying to convey something of great excitement or magnitude…”You don’t know the HALF of it”! As often happens, even with something I’ve heard all my life, this time I thought to myself, “that applies to the glory of our afterlife as children of God like it applies to nothing else”! I knew I wanted to write it.” She continues, “If we had even a glimpse of it now, we couldn’t stand it. We’ll have to be in our glorified bodies to see that marvelous “other half” that God has waiting for us in eternity! I’m delighted that Surrendered has recorded this song and sent it to radio. We hope it will bless the saints, and make the unsaved want to go!”

Having just been blessed with back to back months in the Singing News Top 40 Southern Gospel Charts, Surrendered is quick to give credit to God for his blessings. “There is no way to say thank you enough for the amazing support from our family, friends, DJ’s, promoters and our agent. All the credit goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ITS ALL GOD!”

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