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Thanksgiving Day 2019: Living a grateful life

Written by Staff on November 28, 2019 – 5:53 pm -

Rob Patz writes his Thanksgiving prayer

Our SGNScoops friends have much to be thankful for this year. From family to friends, work to worship, joys to journeys, these grateful ladies and gentlemen have learned that God’s wonderful gifts fill our lives every day, not just at Thanksgiving. The more we live each day acknowledging that even the air we breathe is a gift from above, the more we loosen our grip on things that don’t really matter.

As we live our lives giving thanks to God, let’s share this thankfulness with those around us. Happy Thanksgiving.

ThanksgivingWe are forever thankful for God’s forgiveness, grace, and salvation. There are not enough words or days to express our thankfulness for these. When asked what we’re most thankful for in the past year, we’d have to say the many opportunities that God has allowed us to share the Gospel message through song to people and in places that we could have only dreamed of. We are also thankful for the many new friends God has placed in our lives this year. — Danny Daniels

Everything.. God is so good !!! — Missy Kinchen

Love- It covers it all. — Sharon Kisor

I am thankful for the precious blood of Jesus. No other blood could save my sin sick soul. I am thankful for friends and family. Thankful to be called by God and trusted by Him to bring the Word of God to a lost and dying world So with all that. I’m just Thankful — Vanessa Milligan

I am thankful for God’s amazing grace.. I thankful that he chose are family to travel together and bring a message that Gods the answer to any situation they may be going through.. I’m thankful for husband, 3 children, 2 daughter in laws and 1 son in law and 5 AMAZING grand children..I am thankful for the promise that one day when God calls me home, that I will enter into my heavenly home to be with the one who gave his life for me… The Gibbs Family is honored and thankful that God chose us to go out into this world and tell others about his amazing grace.. BLESSED! — Vernon and Susan Gibbs

Thankful for living in America and having a Good President who Values Christianity. — Burnett Judith Joyfully

Thankful for all of the artists, writers, creative people and volunteers who make SGNScoops a pleasure to work on and to read. You all are artistic, creative, generous and inspired. I thank my God for you! — Lorraine Walker, SGNScoops Editor

Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

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Thanksgiving 2019: Are you thankful? Day 3

Written by Staff on November 27, 2019 – 3:30 pm -

ThanksgivingHappy day before Thanksgiving 2019! It seems like we get so busy with our everyday lives; we buy what we need, we consume what we get, and then we take out the trash. Some things just last a little longer than others. So much in our lives gets taken for granted, including the intangible things, like family relationships, love, friendships, church families, joy, good neighbours, and so much more. As we give thanks this week for what we can see, let’s remember to give thanks for that which we can’t see. Let’s remember that every good and perfect gift comes from our Heavenly Father.

We asked some of our SGNScoops friends and family to share what they are thankful for and they have given some great responses. See if you can relate to any of these comments below. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingI am thankful for God’s faithfulness… how He always knows just what we need and how He always has a plan. The times that He shows up when all seems lost… the moments that happen when you just have to stop and say, “thank you, Lord” because you KNOW that it was HIM working in your situation. Even when things might seem hopeless to us, He’s busy working things out for our good. He loves us- even when we’re unlovable and He is Faithful even when we aren’t. — Tammy Sumner

Salvation, family and friends! — Nancy Carollo

I’m am thankful that God is so Faithful and he never leaves us nor forsakes us. — Mary Burke

JESUS! — Elisangela Defreitas

I am thankful for Gods Amazing grace that gives me the opportunity and honor to serve him daily. He has blessed me over and above anything I deserve with family, friends and a ministry that has seen lost souls come into the kingdom. My prayer is that he continues to use us all and that we have the courage to let him do his will and not us doing our will. God bless and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. — Jerry Jennings

I’m thankful for God’s answered prayers. The ones He said yes too and the ones He said NO too… — Penny Walters

I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ my savior, my wife, Brenda Duke Barber, our daughter Rebecca Dempsey & Jesicca Prath, their husbands and our three grandsons and soon to be granddaughter, several other family members, several friends, the saints from the First Pentecostal Church of Gainesville, GA, Several new friends from Creekside and Southern Gospel Music weekend. — James Barber

I’m so thankful for God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. I fail Him everyday but He still loves me. He is always faithful, even if I don’t see it in that moment. I’m thankful for my health, cancer could have taken me BUT GOD had another plan. He has a purpose for me. I’m thankful for my home, family, true friends and too many blessings to list. Thankful that Heaven will be my eternal home and that’s priceless. — Paula Hendrick

I’m thankful for salvation that Jesus gave, as he died on the cross. I’m thankful for my family, friends. My church, Pastors Dale and Sharon Cox, Brad and Julie Cox. God has given me a wonderful man of God who lives what he preaches. My mentor Rev, Dr. Vanessa Milligan, some time a woman needs another woman to talk to, she encourages me, and no matter what shes always been there for me. I’m thankful to the word of God, I can always find my answers. Thankful for a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes on my back. I could go on and on. So I’m gonna sum it up in one word. THANKFUL… — Phyllis Schofield

Thankful I wake up to new mercies every morning. If it wasn’t for that mercy, I wouldn’t be here to be thankful for all the other things my blessed life offers: my family, my friends, my church family, the roof over my head, the clothes and shoes I wear, the car I drive, the music I’m privaleged to sing, and the list goes on… — Rebecca Dempsey

We hope you have enjoyed these expressions of thanks. Stay tuned for more gratitude on Thanksgiving Day!

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