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Congratulations to Mary Burke and The Top 40 Christian Country (SGN SCOOPS November)

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Congratulations to Mary Burke for #1, “I TALK TO GOD”

Christian Country Top 40 November- SGN SCOOPS


1 I Talk To God Mary Burke/Independent
2 Little Talk With Jesus Tonja Rose/Mansion
3 Come To Jesus Meetin’ Gerald Crabb/Independent
4 American Heroes Hunter May/Independent
5 He Hears My Every Prayer Jessica Horton/M.A.C.Records
6 His Name Is Jesus Tim Menzies/NewDay Records
7 You’re Everywhere Shellem Cline/Tire Swing Records
8 Mercy Came Running Chosen Road/Song Garden
9 Jailbreak MARK209/Independent
10 They Tried Doug Corum/Independent
11 The Rest Of The Story Ray Wolford/Independent
12 Preacher’s Daughter Pardoned/Mansion
13 Patiently Waiting Steve Bridgmon/Independent
14 Capable Hands Michael Roberts/Independent
15 Promise Land Sam L. Smith/Independent
16 A Day Carol Barham/M.A.C.Records
17 Laugh Often Kali Rose/Independent
18 Get Your Praise On Andrew Marshall/Independent
19 Jonak, Job & Moses Carolina/Independent
20 My Retirement Home Ed Meadows/Independent
21 God In The Guitar Strings Mitchell Whisnant/Independent
22 Beginning Again Greg Sullivan/Resting Place Music
23 Rock Bottom Kevin and Kim Abney/Independent
24 He Will See Me Through Don Stiles/Independent
25 I’ve Never Walked Alone Livin Forgiven/Independent
26 Between Those Two Doors Steve Roberson/Independent
27 Come To Jesus Moment Donna Ulisse/Billy Blue Records
28 Oh The Lord Has Been So Good To Me Dennis Jolly/Chapel Valley Dennis Jolly/Chapel Valley
29 Til I Have No Strength To Give Appointed2/Independent
30 Let’s Put God Back In America Steve Warren/Independent
31 Little Things Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
32 He Did’t Throw The Clay Away Wyatt Nations/Independent
33 God Lives Lisa Daggs/Independent
34 Here I Go Again Journeys/Chapel Valley
35 Love Ain’t Love Til You Give It Away Jan Harbuck/Independent
36 SUPERMAN Greg McDougal/Independent
37 Earth To God John Rich/Independent
38 Your Son Chris Golden/24K Records
39 Still A Special Place Tony Alan Bates/Independent
40 We All Carry Something Joe Nichols/Independent


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Congrats to the SGN SCOOPS TOP 40 Christian Country Songs

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May/June 2018

1. Chuck Hancock- One Pair Of Hands

2. Kolt Barber- Another Day

3. Trinity Wennerstrom- Shine Big, Shine Bright

4. Christian Davis- Every Scar

5. Tina Wakefield- Over and Over

6. Brent Harrison- This Side Of Sunday

7. James Payne and Bruce Haynes-Dancing In The Rain

8. Michael Lee- Ain’t That Just like Jesus

9. John Penney-In God’s Hands

10. Wade Phillips- Make Me More Like Jesus

11. McKay Project- Taking Me Home

12. Bruce Hedrick- Wingin It

13. Jamie Lynn Flanakin- Free

14. Terry Davis- Braggin On Jesus

15. BloodBought- Gospel Plow

16. Tonja Rose- When The Mountain Can’t Be Moved

17. Mike Leichner- Don’t Bring The Country Out In Me

18. Heather Van Derren- Come To The Table

19. Debbie Bennett- The Blood He Applies

20. The Reed Brothers- Holding On

21. Steve Warren- Forever Kind Of Love

22. Carol Barham- I Can’t Praise Him Enough

23. Caleb Howard- Live Like That

24. Kevin and Kim Abney- Broken Bread

25. Jonathan Dale- This Is Your Now

26. The Kendricks- I Could be Leaving Right Now

27. Charlie Griffin- Rise and Shine

28. Tommy Smith- Let’s March On

29. Kali Rose- What’s A Valley

30. Gil Magee- Climb The Sycamore Tree

31. Buddy Jewel- I’m There

32. Kevin Rowe- Heaven Above

33. Shellem Cline- This Thing Called Life

34. Mike Manual- The Country Side Of The Cross

35. Kolt Barber- Send The Rain

36. Bev McCann- Dash Between The Dates

37. Debbie Seagraves- I Still Believe In Amazing Grace

38. Gunner Carr- Take My Hand

39. Ava Kasich- Speak The Word

40. Tony Alan Bates- Numbered


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Scoops Top 40 Christian Country…

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Scoops Top 40 Christian Country

Seattle, WA (January 13, 2016) – Rob Patz, publisher of SGNScoops announced today that the popular digital magazine and newspaper will begin to publish a Christian Country Top 40 countdown of the top charting songs in the nation. Several radio stations have already signed up, with more being added daily.

“Christian Country music is a huge part of Gospel music in America,” states Patz, who is also CEO of Coastal Media Group. “We are celebrating that style with the Christian Country Expo in the summertime and the newly developed Christian Country Diamond Awards. What better way to top it off than to add a Top 40 Countdown?”

SGNScoops will begin to share the new song chart in their February issue. Christian Country radio stations who would like to be a part of the SGNScoops Top 40, please contact Rob Patz at for more information.


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