The Harvesters Announce New Member

The Harvesters Announce New Member
The Harvesters Announce New Member

The Harvesters are very excited to announce that Brendan Parker from Raleigh, N. C., is their new lead singer. Carrying on the Parker family tradition to another generation, Brendan is the nephew to Danny Parker and Ivan Parker, and brother to Chris Parker, who sings bass for Carolina Vocal.

Brendan knew at an early age just how important music was to him. Growing up around gospel music set him on a path to use his voice to carry on a tradition of worship and praise, quartet style. Brendan joined his dad, Charles Parker in their own quartet, “Arise,” for 10 years before the quartet disbanded. He is excited to be joining his Uncle Danny and the Harvesters.

Brendan accepted Christ as his personal Savior at an early age and is thankful to serve in gospel music once again. Brendan and his wife, Jessica, make their home in Raleigh, N. C., with their three daughters and one son.

Brendan joins the Harvesters filling the vacancy left by Allen Hunter who retired from the quartet. Plans are for Brendan to fill the lead singer slot and Danny will move to the baritone position.

Danny of the Harvesters states, “We are excited to have Brendan as a member of the Harvesters. He not only has a tremendous voice but his walk with God is portrayed with his witness and testimony.”

Brendan and Allen will both be singing at the Parker Homecoming 2019, in Sanford, N. C., on Mar. 15 and 16, 2019, and would appreciate seeing you at the concert.

Please join the Harvesters in welcoming Brendan and his family to the group. We invite you to come and hear the Harvesters in their new season of music and ministry.

Danny Parker