The Old Paths Plan For The Future

Nashville, TN – In a video message released earlier today, the chart-topping quartet Old Paths have announced exciting changes planned for the coming year. Due to a variety of factors, the group has felt led to make a change to their name, and have asked the Southern Gospel world for assistance in doing so.

When the group formed nearly two decades ago, the name Old Paths was selected based on the scripture Jeremiah 6:16. Unfortunately, as the reach of social media continues to grow, other religious entities have chosen to use the same reference in order to spread hate filled rhetoric that the group does not support or encourage. While there are no plans to change their musical style or mission, the Old Paths have chosen to move into the new year with a brand new name that better represents them as a group, as well as the message they wish to convey.

Here is where you come in – if you have an idea for a name that you feel is fitting for this quartet, email it to by November 14th, 2022 with the subject line of: Name Submission. If your submission is selected, you’ll receive a special prize package from the Old Paths! Be looking for the launch of the new name on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

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