The Talleys deliver a powerful performance on “Truth Is Marching On” (Live)

Arden, North Carolina — Since the beginning of the year, The Talleys have released live recordings of some of their most beloved songs in a series titled Messages To Treasure: A Live Anthology. Each has captured the artistry and energy of their performance of these gospel favorites, and the newest, “Truth Is Marching On,” is no exception.
A majestic and powerful song, “Truth Is Marching On” notes that while there have always been skeptics of Jesus and His story, the truth will continue through the ages.

As the second verse puts it, “Faith has always had its noisy enemies / Then they rise up but only for a moment / ‘Til we see the evidence through the centuries / Jesus Christ, the Way, the Life,” and the lesson is deepened in the song’s powerful chorus, which uses a full chorus behind The Talleys’ trio:

“Truth is marching on / Truth is marching on / Down the corridors of time / Invincible Divine / Until all that’s false is finally gone / Truth is marching on.”

That dynamism is carried through the end of the song, where The Talleys introduce lines from “Battle Hymn Of The Republic,” tying in to the song’s release just before July 4.

“‘Truth Is Marching On’ is one of the most uplifting and powerful songs we have ever sung,” says Roger Talley. “While many people question the existence of God and have lost all hope for the chaotic, ever changing world in which we live, it’s comforting to know that today, tomorrow, and forevermore, God’s Truth Is Marching On.”

Listen to “Truth Is Marching On” HERE.