Top Ten List For Southern Gospel Weekend

Top Ten List For Southern Gospel Weekend
Top Ten List For Southern Gospel Weekend

With Southern Gospel Weekend just around the corner, we at SGN Scoops wanted to come up with a Top Ten List of things you need to remember for Southern Gospel Weekend.

Number 10: Wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to be doing some walking while you are at Southern Gospel Weekend, so we always say to pack a pair of comfortable shoes; it’s a smart idea.

Number Nine: Bring a small tote. You need to be able to carry all the music that you’re going to get during Southern Gospel Weekend. Over 30 artists will be performing and we know that you are going to want to bring their music home with you, so bring a tote.

Number Eight: Pack a jacket. The weather in Alabama during the month of March can be unpredictable, so it’s important to bring a jacket. I may also bring an umbrella, but that should be number seven shouldn’t it!

Number Seven: Make your hotel reservation. Call our lodging phone number and find out about the discounted rate for Southern Gospel Weekend.

Number Six: Tell everybody on Facebook. Post that you are going to be with us at Southern Gospel Weekend! One of the best things about our events is the time of fellowship, so connect with new friends and old via Facebook and Twitter and tell them that you are going to Southern Gospel Weekend.

Number Five: Bring your contact information for your church. We know that after you hear some of these groups, you’re going to want to have them at your church! Remember to bring the contact information for your church so the group can reach you and you can host them at your fellowship.

Number Four: Research great places to eat and to see while you are in Oxford. There are a lot of awesome restaurants with in the Oxford area, plus some neat things you’re going to want to see. Have I mentioned they have some pretty awesome shopping also? So number four, do your research!

Number Three: Bring your camera or your tablet. There are going to be a lot of moments during Southern Gospel Weekend that you’re going to want to capture and we recommend you bring your tablet or a camera along to be able to capture those moments. Plus, you can help us to spread the word by sharing those on your favorite social media.

Number Two: Slow down and enjoy your time with us. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and there’s going to be a lot to do, but take time to enjoy the moments of Southern Gospel Weekend. We have a blast together and everyone says the time of fellowship is the most important thing that they take out of the three days.

And the Number One thing that you should remember for Southern Gospel Weekend is to bring a friend! In fact, you should bring more than a friend. Bring your church group or your Sunday school class and come to Southern Gospel Weekend. We want to see you there. It is a weekend that will change your life!

For more information about Southern Gospel Weekend, you can go to our website. You can also contact Vonda Easley at 256-310-7892.

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