Update on Christy ….. “God Knew!”


From Christy:

The surgeon was amazed at the fact that my family Doctor and Endocrinologist did what they did and found this Cancer. He said in a year we would have been looking at a whole different situation. (God Knew). Then my family dr refused the 1st referral to a surgeon and sends me to this wonderful 5 star rated surgeon. Who let me know that saving my voice is important to him. He did let me know of the risk. He sent me for a scan to see if the cancer had spread to the Lymph nodes and praise the Lord!! It came back only showing the mass on the Thyroid!! So June 28th say a special prayer over my surgeon and his hands as he will be removing my Thyroid. I do believe that God ordered my steps to these doctors for a reason! He cares for me and what the devil tries to take from me ..my God gives back but even better!! Love you all for you caring and your prayers!! #ontheothersideofthis