Update on Deon Unthank from his son Chris

Update on Deon Unthank from his son Chris:
I’ve been in constant contact with the hospital since Dad was admitted on Thursday night. I had a frank talk with the doctor on Sunday, and things are definitely not great for Dad. However, we are praising God today for a good report! He saw a slight improvement today as they were able to lower his oxygen levels.
I was able to talk to Dad a couple times yesterday and Amy spoke with him as well. His wife Tammie has gotten to see Dad and spend some time with him as they’re on the same floor now that Tammie has been moved to the COVID floor.
He’s getting stronger, but he’s not out of the woods yet. Don’t stop now, as your prayers are reaching Heaven on our father’s behalf. We are praying that Dad walks out of the hospital a miracle.