Update on Jeff Stice


Update on Jeff from Stacey Stice

Update….Day 10 of Jeff’s Journey

Jeff has responded well to dialysis! His creatinine level has gone from 6.2 to 3.0…thank you Jesus!!!
The nurse said he is completely unresponsive still and that was a major concern. I asked her to face time with me so that he could hear my voice. Prepare yourselves for the miracle of God…He has heard my cry…he has heard the cries of everyone.

I told Jeff that I needed to know that he could hear me. I asked him to open his eyes….PRAISE BE TO GOD…HIS EYES OPENED WIDE.
I told him how much I love him, and I said that I needed him to tell me he loved me too. I asked him to blink his eyes….PRAISE BE TO GOD….HE BEGAN TO BLINK.

My heart has been empty for 10 days…today it is full. All the glory to God for this miracle. I pray still for more improvement, but for now I smile❤️
Keep those prayers coming….God is faithful…and he hears us!!

Also….if anyone has any pictures of special prayer services for Jeff PLEASE post them in the comments. I am documented this entire journey…it would mean so much to me!

We love you all…keep praying!!!


“To show their support for their dear friend, Amber Kistler of The Nelons designed this #TeamJeff frame, in Jeff’s favorite colors, Kentucky Blue.

Many of his fans, friends, and family are already showing their love and support by replacing their own profile photo with this one of Jeff and the #TeamJeff frame. Feel free to save it and use it as we all pray for the recovery of this gifted and dearly loved man! “