Urgent News from Blake & Jenna

Urgent News from Blake & Jenna
Urgent News from Blake & Jenna

From Blake & Jenna .. We wanted to let you know about a recent life change that has happened in our lives. Last Thursday, December 10th, Jenna was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were (and are still) shocked! We caught it very early, but at this point Jenna is Stage 2 and the cancer is not contained (but not widespread throughout her body). It is an aggressive cancer and so the treatment plan starts with chemotherapy followed by surgery. However, the type of cancer she has responds very well to chemo and so her prognosis is excellent. She will most likely begin chemo the week of December 28th and will finish up surgery this summer.

We took a video for you explaining what is going on. Feel free to share and forward this news, we need prayer warriors to battle with us:


This “cancer story” will consume us for the next year.  But we are in good spirits and in the Lord’s hand, so we are exactly where we want to be.  If we are scheduled to come sing at your church for 2016 do not worry, we are continuing to press on (with the doctor’s blessing) and we will continue in our concert ministry!  The doctor said there is no problem with Jenna continuing to travel, we just should keep tabs on how she feels and Jenna will make the decision for each date whether she feels up to coming with me or not.  We praise God that I can stay home with Jenna and take care of her through the week and we have a lot of family and friend support as well here in Oklahoma City.  We will still be seeking places to travel and sing for in 2016, just like normal.

Jenna and I feel very steady.  We are clinging to scripture and if you have scripture and prayers for us we’d love to hear them.  We believe God’s heart is moved by his people’s prayers.  Jenna asks that you pray she can physically endure chemo like a champ, that the enemy will never succeed in planting doubt or fear, and that every aspect of this journey will be used for God’s glory.  And of course: healing!

Many have already asked us if there is any way they can help.  We aren’t sure yet!  We do have good health insurance but are already aware of some parts of this process they do not cover.  We’re at the starting line in this race and have absolutely no clue what to expect. So just please keep praying for us.

Jenna is clinging especially to this verse: Psalm 112:7-8
“He does not fear bad news, nor live in dread of what may happen. For he is settled in his mind that Jehovah will take care of him. That is why he is not afraid but can calmly face his foes.”

Blake & Jenna