Urgent Prayers for Ron Foster, WZZK

From Ron’s Wife, Kim:

Hi everyone. This is Kim (Ron’s wife.). I know everyone has been wondering about Ron. Later in this post I’ll let you know why I’m just now sharing what’s going on. Ron is in the covid critical care unit at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham
He has covid pneumonia. Because of his diabetes the evil virus has attacked his body with rage. He was admitted to the hospital Friday night. And although he is still very sick, he is improving. Before he started showing signs of improvement I was too distraught to do anything other than pray (beg) to God for Ron’s recovery. He started improving on Monday and that improvement continues. There’s a quote that says a man who has more friends than enemies is a rich man. And based on that truth, Ron Foster is a billionaire because Ron is loved by so many many people. I know it goes without saying that he needs your prayers. And I know that as soon as you started reading this post you started praying. Ron is getting excellent care at Brookwood from gifted and knowledgeable doctors and nurses. Thank you so much for loving Ron, and for loving our family. Please pass on this prayer request to fellow prayer warriors. I can’t wait until my hand is in his, and I know he can’t wait for that either. I’ll keep you posted on his recovery.