Waymasters Celebrate Incredible Year

WMawardsNashville, TN – July 12, 2013 – The Christian Country Gospel band, Waymasters were honored at a celebration this month, were they were given awards commemorating their breakout year, which included three national and international Top 10s, two National #1s, two International Top 5s, Song of the Year and Band of the Year honors.

Their amazing journey began last July with their hit single, Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again by Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill. The single ranked #1 on the national Christian Country Gospel Charts for a record setting three straight months before backing off to #2 for another two months. The song ended a six-month domination with a #2 ranking on the International Gospel Charts for December. Their next single, Wreck on the Highway was released in January when the band also received Song of the Year honors for Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again and the Band of the Year award for 2012. Wreck on the Highway continued the group’s charting success by ultimately became their second national and international Top 10. In the spring the group released their following single, Little Mountain Church House which became their second #1 single and second International Top 5 within a year.

With such a year behind them, one would think the group would be feeling their oats, but that’s hardly the case, “We’re absolutely in awe,” says tenor singer, Tim Reynolds, “This is all God, it’s nothing we’re doing.” Bass vocalist, Tommy Frizsell agrees, “We just sing our praises to the Lord and pray that He use them for His glory. We can’t be more honored and humbled by the success He’s blessed us with this past year.”

When asked what’s next, the band is optimistic but still strangely ambiguous. “Well, we didn’t expect this so we certainly don’t know what to expect now!” confesses award winning guitarist and baritone vocal, Chewie McMahan. “One thing we have been blessed to participate in,” continues lead vocalist Darrell Frizsell, “is filming several spots for a new cable TV show called ‘American Gospel Onstage’ where we will be featured cast members along with the Chuck Wagon Gang, our friends The Primitive Quartet, Brian Free and Assurance and others. That was a lot of fun and we are very excited about it and pray that the Lord bless it for His glory.” Tommy expands on the band’s future, “Right now we’re just trying to get the new record out. We’ve had three hit singles from it and people can’t even buy the CD yet. (laughs) But beyond that, we’re not picky. We’ve been doing this together for 29 years so whatever the Lord has in store for us, we’ll do it, but with things going like they are, we’re certainly looking forward to what’s next!”

After a year like this, two #1s, one Top 10, Song and Band of the Year honors, it’s hard to imagine anything but continued success for the Waymasters. Their humble attitude and Spirit filed music have placed them at the top of the budding Christian Country Gospel genre and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Look for their new album, Smoky Mountain Gospel Vol. 2 to be released in mid July. It will be available through the group’s live shows, their website, as well as Amazon, iTunes and other online outlets.

You can find out more about the group or contact them to perform at your next gospel event or showcase through their web site,www.thewaymasters.com or you can email them at, thewaymasters@yahoo.com.