Weekend Word- “Thank God I Am Free“

Weekend Word – Thank God I Am Free

Written by James McFall

Recently Recorded by Tbe Detty Sisters.
What  powerful lyrics ! Let it minister to you today…..


For a long time I’ve traveled down a long lonely road

My heart was so heavy, in sin I sank low

Then I heard about Jesus, what a wonderful hour

I’m so glad that I found out that He would bring me out

Though His saving power

Thank God I am free, free, free

From this world of sin

Washed in the blood of Jesus, and then born again

Hallelujah I’m saved, saved, saved

By His wonderful grace

I’m so glad that I found out He would bring me out

And show me the way

Like a bird out of prison that’s taken it’s flight

Like the blind man that God gave back his sight

Like the poor wretched beggar that found fortune and fame

I’m so glad that I found out He could bring me out

Through His Holy Name