Weekend Word With Vonda Armstrong

Vonda Armstrong

Happy Weekend Everyone! Yesterday I played a song on my show , “Who I Am Today.” The song was written by Victoria Shirey Bowlin and a well written song I might add.

Victoria Bowlin Signs Exclusive Recording Agreement With 65/40 Records
Victoria Bowlin 

I interviewed Melissa Evans, (who recently singled the song),  on the show and we talked about one of the lines in the  song, “ I want to thank you for the doors you closed along the way.”
I’ve been thinking about that since yesterday and singing the tune In my head since we hung up the phone from the interview,

We often thank God for opening doors, but what about the ones He closes?

We should thank him for not allowing us to step into places not meant for us.

Thank you for the times you said No.

Remember the big Yes is the reason He says NO. He has a plan for you!

Don’t forget the roadblocks.

Thank you Lord for steering me in the right direction at times when I was headed the wrong way.

Thank you Lord for closing doors I need to walk away from or stop banging  on and thank you Lord for songwriters Like Victoria that write the songs that remind us of things like this..