Weekend Word With Vonda Armstrong

The McKameys

Southern Gospel singing group The McKameys announced they are retiring and tonight In Knoxville, Tennessee , it’s the Final Concert!

Headed up to Knoxville this rainy Saturday morning. Excited to hear the McKameys and celebrate with them for a job well done.
I can’t help but get excited when I think about Peg singing God on the Mountain once again. I feel like a little kid on the way to the county fair!

Whether they are performing one of their classics like “Right On Time”, “I’ve Won”, “Unspoken Request”, “There Is Jesus”, “God On The Mountain” or a new release, there is an undeniable energy that carries them through each performance.

The McKameys have  been playing about 130 days a year, traveling throughout North America.  The group has been awarded several different Fan Awards through the years, all well- deserved.

But TONIGHT, Paul Belcher is hosting The McKameys one last time at The Knoxville Civic Auditorium. The concert starts at 6:00 pm. I sure hope to see you there!
It’s very close to a sellout.

It should be.

From the entire staff here at SGN Scoops,

Well done friends! You finished strong. We have been honored through the years to write about your amazing family. Best wishes and may God Richly bless you in the future.

(1988 Throwback)