Weekend Word With Vonda Armstrong

Happy Saturday Y’all!

What do you have planned this weekend?

Its a typical busy weekend for me, but I managed to find some grandbaby time. I’m hanging out with “Eli Superman” today and Princess Priscilla. One of the greatest blessings here on this earth is Grandchildren. Who would agree?

Earlier Eli put on his Superman cape and jumped in the car with me. I said, “ Eli, I’m so glad I have Superman traveling with me today.”  He responded by telling me that Superman could do anything because he has  “Super Powers.’

A little later our conversation shifted to Jesus. Priscilla said, “Jesus can do anything, except one thing.”

She looked at me with a cute grin and she said, “He can’t stop loving us.”

Out of the mouth of babes……

Whatever you have done, wherever you have been….. He loves you.

Listen to this message in song by Christian Davis.