Wilburn and Wilburn Rental Car Destroyed In Accident

Wilburn and Wilburn Fire
Wilburn and Wilburn Fire

Norfolk, VA (August 1, 2014) Award winning Gospel Duo Wilburn and Wilburn were involved in an automobile accident Thursday night while driving to the hotel after landing at the Norfolk airport in Virginia.

Not long after traveling down the interstate in their newly rented car Jonathan and Jordan suddenly met stopped traffic on a draw bridge, which was a result of road construction in the Norfolk River Tunnel just ahead. As Jonathan quickly applied his brakes the tires began to slide on the metal surface that covered most of the draw bridge. The car slid 40 feet into the back-end of a truck in front of them.

Jonathan and Jordan, though stunned by the air bags, were unharmed. “The man we hit was not hurt, for which we are very thankful. He not only was gracious in his demeanor toward us but gave us a ride back to the airport to pick up another rental car.” commented Jonathan.

However, this is where the story takes a crazy turn. As Jonathan was talking to the man they had hit, Jordan realized the front left headlight had a small flame that had sparked within it. Jonathan and Jordan immediately got all their belongings out and within minutes that tiny flame had engulfed the entire car.

Thankfully no one was hurt and Wilburn & Wilburn made it to their hotel safely. Jonathan stated “God certainly had His hand on us. Had that fire started sooner, Jordan and I could have lost everything we had and possibly been severely injured. God is a good God.”

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