Words In A Song, New Music By PARDONED, “Preacher’s Daughter”


By: Vonda Armstrong



Have you ever thought about the lyrics in a song? Which do you think  is more important, the lyrics, or the music?

I am no expert, but I believe they are both equally important.

Music is the thing that makes you want to listen and even sometimes dance. Personally, if I listen to a song, and I’m not captivated by the music, I move on to the next song.

However, If the lyrics are about something that doesn’t move me, I probably won’t listen to the song unless the music is really above and beyond.


Christian Country Artist, PARDONED, recently released a new single to radio entitled , “PREACHER’S DAUGHTER”.  The song was released through Mansion Entertainment and Hey Ya’ll Media.

The lyrics in this song move me. They remind me that you should never stop praying for that loved one or family member.

The song is about a Preacher that was behind the pulpit preaching,  when all of a sudden, a young girl comes walking down the aisle and he notices it’s his daughter!

In my opinion, the melody is equally as great.  The song was written by group member, Rusty Rowan.





Check out the video and tell us what you think .  We would love to hear your thoughts.

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