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It Came To Pass by Dr. Jeff Steele

Written by Staff on October 3, 2014 – 1:35 pm -

The Steeles

The Steeles

In Luke’s gospel account we have the longest of the four gospels and the most thorough. In its pages we find the story of the Good Samaritan, the ten lepers that Jesus healed (out of which only one returned to say thanks), the Prodigal Son, the rich man and Lazarus, and the two men on the road to Emmaus. Of course we also read of the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection which sealed His purpose which Luke also reveals for us and that was to seek and to save that which was lost!

It is possible that some of the most stirring words Luke wrote are found in Luke 2:1 where in the first words of that chapter he pens this: “And it came to pass…” In the original language that line is actually, “Then it happened!” Any lady out there who has ever carried a child for nine months knows the excitement of those words. I guess about the maddest I ever saw my wife was the time when the doctor told her to come for the next visit with her suitcase because “after the exam this time we are going to admit you to the hospital.” That was on a Friday. Instead, when she got there he informed her that the hospital was indeed filled to capacity. He said “If you were in labor they would find a place for you,” but since she was to be induced she would have to wait until Monday. Needless to say I spent that weekend watching movies I never had heard of starring folks I didn’t even know existed.

It doesn’t matter whether we are in the middle of the battle, burden or situation. Whether it is sickness, heartache, or financial strain, a problem with our kids, talk going on about us, confusion or some lack that we are experiencing. It could be a midnight we are facing, a valley or just a place that we don’t want to be the promise of scripture is that it won’t last forever. Scripture says when we pass through the fire we will not be burned. When we go through the flood we will not be overtaken. The “bad stuff” will not last forever. It did not come to stay; it came to pass!

The Children of Israel were in bondage under Pharaoh for over 400 years but that was not their ultimate destiny. It came to an end; it came to “pass.” They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years but the plan for their lives was not to be a band of wandering, desert-dwelling nomads. Their wandering ended when they inherited the precious plains of the Promised Land! The wandering they endured to get there didn’t come to stay. It was not their destiny and it came to “pass!”

They looked for a messiah for hundreds of years to come and deliver them. Every sacrifice they made pointed to the day when Messiah would someday come. In Galatians 4:4 Paul writes: “When the fullness of time was come God sent forth His son made of a woman…” Romans 5:6 says, “For when we were yet without strength, IN DUE TIME Christ died for the ungodly.” Here Luke writes to those looking for the fulfillment of this messianic promise and says, “It’s time!” Deliverance has come. God has spoken. “I told you,” He says …Weeping has endured for a night but now JOY has come in the morning in the form of a Baby in Bethlehem. You wandered, wondered and wept but “unto you is born this day, in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord!”

By Dr. Jeff Steele

Published July2014 in SGN Scoops Magazine. For current issues visit http://www.sgnscoops.com/

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Four Days of Waiting by Dr. Jeff Steele

Written by Staff on September 5, 2014 – 1:02 pm -

sunset oneHow long can four days last? Jesus loved to visit the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Sometimes when the crowds got to be overwhelming, the road got to be a little too long and He needed to just get away for a while, Jesus loved to retreat to their home for some old-fashioned rest and relaxation.

He loved these three people as well. Mary used to challenge Him with theological questions about what He taught. Then to demonstrate that she had an innate belief in what He said about Himself, she was known to have broken open an alabaster box and poured expensive perfume on Him as an act of worship. Yes, Jesus loved Mary.

He sure did love Martha too. Everybody loves a good cook and Martha was really a super cook. She could take a pot of turnip greens, throw a chunk of ham in there and change it from greens to greens! Jesus loved that. Come to think of it, I do too.

Lazarus was His good friend. They laughed together, probably fished together, discussed the sports and politics of their day; yes, Lazarus was a good and trusted friend. I see why Jesus loved their place so much.

One day though, as it does in every home, crisis came. Lazarus got sick. Not just a little sick, really sick. In fact if you read the story from back to front you know that in fact Lazarus died from his illness. Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus: “Lord, the one you love is sick.” They expected Him to come.

Well, they sent Him the message about a sick relative and He didn’t come. He didn’t call; He didn’t even send a card that said He was remembering them in prayer. In fact, the silence from Jesus to their request was deafening! They must have been confused, especially when Lazarus died. There was still no word from Jesus.

“He ate our food, now He can’t even send us a word to let us know He got our message,” Martha must have said. I’m sure Mary must have wondered aloud, “He acted like He enjoyed my company, He knew I believed in Him and now He is nowhere to be found.” Perhaps their thought was that they overestimated their friendship with Him. Maybe they or He overestimated His ability to actually do all the things He talked about, and now that a real situation existed that would ‘put Him to the test,’ He just steered clear to avoid embarrassment. They must have wondered about all of these things.

All they knew was that they had a need that only He could meet and He was not anywhere to be seen.

You’ve been right there, haven’t you? “Lord, I have not missed a Sunday. I’m a teacher, a deacon, a committee member, I give, I sing in the choir and I’ve supported missions. Nobody’s been more faithful than me and now I have a need, and I’ve asked you for help, and You haven’t come!”

For Mary and Martha it was four days after Lazarus died before Jesus showed up. They were asking, and some of you are asking: “How long can four days last?”

Four days. The time between when we KNOW we have a need that only God can meet and the time when He shows up to do something about it.

There are several things you can know during your four days of waiting: Number one: You can know that He IS coming. He may not come when you WANT Him to come but He IS coming! So while you’re waiting don’t come out of the prayer closet, don’t throw away your Bible, don’t stop coming to church, don’t stop serving or sharing or participating in the work. Just know that no matter what it looks like or feels like, Jesus is on the way and He WILL be there and when He gets there you want to be found ready and waiting for Him.

Number two: You can know that He already KNOWS what He’s going to do when He gets there. Just like He may not come when you want Him, He also may not do what you have asked Him to do when He gets there. If He doesn’t then rest assured what He does will be better than what you asked for in the first place.

Mary and Martha sent word and asked for a healing. Jesus, knowing what He was going to do when He got there, knew that a resurrection beats a healing any day of the week! They didn’t get what they asked for – they got something better! And as a result after Lazarus was raised, the scripture says many got saved!

jeff steele

Dr. Jeff Steele

Number three: What you go through during your four days of waiting will end up being for YOUR good and God’s glory. Paul said in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Hang on, pray on, believe on and press on. Even in the four days of waiting that many of you are in right now, remember that He’s coming, He knows what He’s going to do when He gets there, His plan is better than ours anyway and He has promised and He is bound by that promise that everything in our lives (good, bad and ugly) is working out for OUR good and His glory!

Written by Dr. Jeff Steele, a monthly columnist for SGN Scoops digital magazine. For current issues, visit http://www.sgnscoops.com/

Published by SGN Scoops in August 2014.

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Aaron and Amanda Crabb, TaRanda Greene in Cullman, AL

Written by Staff on August 16, 2014 – 1:17 pm -

Jeff Steele is inviting everyone to the Faith Baptist Jubilee 2014 in Cullman, Alabama, this weekend. Tonight, Saturday August 16, at 7:00pm, Aaron and Amanda Crabb will be in concert. Tomorrow, Sunday August 17, at 11:00am, Jeff Steele will be preaching and TaRanda Greene will be presenting the special music.

“I’m so looking forward to being with my sweet friends, Jeff and Sherri Steele tomorrow morning for Sunday morning worship!” says TaRanda. “What a privilege to sing and share my life story with others, so that everyone can know there’s hope in the midst of troubles and peace can be found in every circumstance. Above all, Christ’s love prevails! Can’t wait to see you all in Cullman, Alabama in the morning!”

Faith Baptist can be found at 25 Co Rd 1302 Cullman, AL. For more information:  https://www.facebook.com/events/660836184031364/
steeles concert


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May 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 17, 2014 – 4:19 pm -

sgnscoops0514_smWelcome to the May issue of SGN Scoops digital magazine! We are thrilled to bring to you the best stories in Christian music, from features to devotionals to concert reviews. This month, our cover story is the beloved family group, The Whisnants, as they allow SGN Scoops to come with them backstage and in the bus. Be sure to read this captivating feature by Jennifer Campbell. Erin Stevens’ Younger Perspective shines the spotlight on The Perrys’ artist, Jared Stuffle. Other artists featured include The Erwins by Marcie Gray, new Christian female trio High Road III by Lorraine Walker, and Sandi Duncan Clark catches up with the Dixie Echoes.

Craig Harris reviews a concert event by the indescribable Mark Lowry along with the award-winning Martins. Rob Patz tells America what they want to know about family group The Hoggles. Rhonda Frye reflects on Mother’s Day. Legendary staff writer, Lou Wills Hildreth shares the taping of the SGMG 2014 Harmony Honors.

We are happy to have our participating artists sharing their hearts with you, including Dr. Jeff Steele, David Staton, Sherry Anne and Kelly Nelon Clark.

Also included in this month’s issue are CD reviews, SGN Scoops Top 100 songs for May and our monthly Health Feature by Laurette Willis, who discusses the enjoyable topic of regular exercise!

We hope you take a moment to read the uplifting and encouraging articles this month. Pass the link along to family and friends and don’t forget to tell your favorite artist that you saw their feature in this month’s SGN Scoops magazine!

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Thinking About Creekside 2013

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 22, 2013 – 7:56 pm -

Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2014 Info Can Be Found Here

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October 2013 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 14, 2013 – 9:56 am -


The staff at SGNScoops proudly presents the October Edition of SGNScoops Magazine. Gracing our cover this month is Ed O’Neal and the Dixie Melody Boys. We will be honoring Ed later this month at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You can find out how to be a part of that in the latest Creekside update in this issue. Other ministries highlighted are, The Lesters, 11th Hour, Ivan Parker and the Dove Brothers. Catch the Younger Perspective with Amber Nelon, and Christian Country News featuring Mikayla Lynn. This month we congratulate our publisher, Rob Patz for twenty years in the Gospel Music Industry. Don’t miss this story- especially the side-bar containing notes of congratulations from industry professionals, friends and peers. This issue wraps up an era of Quartet Conventions in Louisville and also re-caps a recent Women of Faith conference. Believe it or not….There is more! Don’t miss encouragement from Dr. Jeff Steele, Reflections With Sherry Anne, Life, Love and Legends by Lou Wills Hildreth and with get the latest music reviews by Sandi Duncan Clark. The latest in Southern Gospel Music is tastefully presented and laid out professionally, by Pete and Staci Schwager and is tucked behind a beautiful cover designed by Stephanie Kelley. SGNScoops Magazine is free! Please share with friends, family and fans.

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SGNScoops Magazine Welcomes Dr Jeff Steele To Our Magazine This Month Read “Morning Is Coming!”

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 30, 2013 – 9:55 am -

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August 2012 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 8, 2012 – 9:10 pm -

We’re serving up another sizzling hot summer issue! This packed August edition unveils the list of the 2012 Diamond Awards Nominees! Also this month, Lorraine Walker, Sandi Duncan Clark, Jennifer Campbell, Charlie Sexton and Laura Kennedy presents the latest happenings in the ministries of Greater Vision, Charlotte Ritchie, Lynda Randle, The Skyline Boys, Jeff Steele and Jaidyn’s Call. Look behind the music with Rob Estep as he talks with Ben Storie, and focus on the young with Victoria Shirey as she shines the spotlight on Rebecca Reynolds. Don’t miss Rob Patz’ Publisher’s Point and enjoy a Media Minute with him along with Sylvia Green. Charlie Sexton covers the Lari Goss Celebration and Rhonda Frye catches up with Union Street, Roy Webb and Bruce Taliaferro on the road. Lou Wills Hildreth shares legendary memories, John Mathis Jr. offers a word of encouragement and Laurrette Willis’ reminds us to eat healthy! Jeff Hawes shares memories from his home town, and special guest writer, AJ RINALDI offers post-trauma faith sharing tips. We also share our excitement regarding 2 major upcoming events: The National Quartet Convention and Creekside Gospel Music Convention! See what songs are topping the charts and who is releasing new music in this all-digital, all free August Edition! And… Share with your friends!

Download The Magazine Here

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Rick Shelton Named VP of Daywind Music Publishing

Written by SGN Scoops on March 9, 2012 – 1:24 pm -

Hendersonville, TN (March 9, 2012) – With 40 #1 songs, 2 BMI Christian Publisher of the Year nods and 10 GMA Dove Awards, including 2011 Song of the Year winner, “Sometimes I Cry,” Daywind Music Publishing has established a strong foothold in Christian music publishing.  In recognition of his leadership towards this end, Rick Shelton has been named Vice President.

Since joining Daywind in 2004, Shelton has signed hit songwriters and forged a strategic partnership with Lifeway Worship enabling Daywind to start a choral print division.  The most recent offering, “Love Won,” by Kenna Turner-West is up for a GMA Dove Award this year for Best Musical.

“Rick Shelton is a great leader.  He is completely focused on finding ways to create opportunities for Daywind’s songwriters.  We are so pleased to have him at the helm of our publishing division,” stated Ed Leonard, president of Daywind Music Group.

Shelton is overseeing Daywind’s expansion into other markets, recently hiring Stephen Duncan as Creative Director.   Duncan is the first graduate of the Belmont University songwriting program and has great relationships across all genres of Christian music.  His strong music background as a concert pianist will prove a plus as Daywind moves into praise and worship, adult contemporary and Christian hit radio formats through new writer signings and collaborations with the talented staff of songwriters at Daywind.    “Stephen Duncan was highly recommended for this role by Steve Rice at Centricity and Mike Murray at Integrity, two men I highly respect in this industry, and I am so excited to see what we will accomplish together,“ said Shelton.

Daywind’s family of songwriters includes Caleb Collins, Marty Funderburk, Ronny Hinson, Scott Inman, Kyla Rowland, John Darin Rowsey, Jeff Steele, Ben Storie, Kenna West, Dianne Wilkinson, Daryl Williams and Gina Vera.

To learn more about Daywind Music Publishing, contact, Rick Shelton at rshelton@daywind.com.

Pictured Top Right-Rick Shelton, VP of Daywind Music Publishing and Stephen Duncan, Creative Director on the left.

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Ricky Atkinson Releases New Solo Project

Written by SGN Scoops on July 22, 2011 – 7:25 pm -

Resting Place Music and Ricky Atkinson announces the release of a brand new solo project.The album is entitled, “STAND.” Each song is written or co-written by Ricky, and features his unique style and award winning vocal ability. Ricky States:”In these last days when many are falling away or choose to go another direction, the most important thing that needs to be seen and heard is Christians taking a STAND!  I am determined more than ever that no matter what happens, I am gonna take a STAND!” Ricky has teamed up with some of the very best writers in America to present a variety of styles nd arrangements, with strong lyrical content, that sure to bless everyone! Jeff Steele, Jonathan Montgomery, Dianne Wilkinson, just to name a few… The album will be sold as a cd/soundtracks combo, as are all Ricky Atkinson SOLO CDs, giving the purchaser free performance soundtracks, with and without BGVs. The release date was JULY 18, and it is NOW AVAILABLE online, at www.rickyatkinson.com and also through New Day Christian Distributors, Hendersonville,TN.  

For more information log onto: www.rickyatkinson.com or  www.restingplacemusic.com

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