New Music From Collingsworth Family

P&KC MUSIC – NEW RICHMOND, OH Now into their third year with StowTown Records, The Collingsworth Family release their second full-scale The Lord is Good-cmykmainline gospel recording on this label.  THE LORD IS GOOD contains all of the elements that have become mainstream “Collingsworth” in their 14 yr career in the Gospel Music Industry. Great material, outstanding writers, superb vocal arrangements, pristine orchestrations, and world class Nashville/New York recording technology.  One again collaborating with their award winning producer of 8 years, Michael Wayne Haun, with vocal arrangements by Kim Collingsworth, this project brings material to the table from great writers such as Rachel McCutcheon, Darryl Williams, Kirk Talley, Joel Lindsey, Wayne Haun, Jeff Bumgardner, Diane Wilkinson, Rebecca Peck, John W Peterson, Linda Allred, and what has become an expected Collingsworth standard: a renewed classic from their favorite writer: Gloria Gaither.  THE LORD IS GOOD contains it all: big Broadway style orchestrated productions, power ballads, fast upbeat tunes, lilting melodies, warm toned family harmonies, and their unmistakably clear message of the Gospel. 
I’ve Come Here To Tell You That The Lord is Good             Williams/Talley
It’s Not Too Late To Pray                                                          Wilkinson/Peck
Show A Little Bit of Love and Kindness                                  Peterson
If He Hung The Moon                                                                Talley
We Will Serve The Lord                                                             Haun/Lindsey/Bumgardner
There Is Healing in His Hands                                                   Allred
My Debt Was Paid                                                                      McCutcheon/Gillespie
God Is Moving                                                                             Talley
Living In Love With the Lord                                                     McCutcheon
It Matters to the Master                                                           McCutcheon
How Great His Love/Love Found A Pardon                           Lindsey/Bumgardner   Sumner/Brown
I Could Never Outlove the Lord                                              Gaither                                                
Distribution and marketing:  Provident/Sony, Nashville/New York
Also, releasing on the StowTown/Provident/Sony label ……… two more brand new products that portray the respect and intrinsic value that The Collingsworth Family has for the treasures handed down to us from previous generations in the form of Hymns.  Filmed and recorded on location at The Collingsworth Family HomePlace in New Richmond, OH, …………….. right in their own great room, with Kim’s grand piano and 33 of their personal family and friends …….. HYMNS FROM HOME will quickly become a classic in the library of products available in the Gospel Field.  Again, with superb vocal arrangements from the pen of Kim Collingsworth and accompanied by her own piano artistry as well as several selections being orchestrated by Wayne Haun, these products draw you into the warmth of the moment, circled by friends and family in front of the fireplace, around the piano.  With all the quality of a seasoned studio production, enjoy sitting with them in this very personal setting of their own home, and let these timeless lyrics lift your spirit.   
On-location production in High Def digital quality by ViewFinders, Kodak, TN and Oak Tree Studios, Nashville
Brethren We Have Met To Worship
Holy, Holy, Holy
Come Thou Fount
The Lord’s Prayer
Take Time To Be Holy
My Wonderful Lord
And Can It Be
When We All Get To Heaven
Covered By The Blood
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary
The Love of God
In The Garden
I Need Thee Every Hour
Unclouded Day
At Calvary
My Jesus I Love Thee
Amazing Grace