Waynesville, NC – Dominion Agency is pleased to announce they have reached an exclusive
scheduling agreement with the 3 Heath Brothers of Thomasville, North Carolina. Michael Davis
stated, “Dominion Agency is honored to support the ministry of the 3 Heath Brothers. We pray
that God will use us to open doors for their ministry and send them out to share the hope of
Christ. We love their energy and enthusiasm and are thrilled to be a part of watching their
ministry grow and expand to new places.”
The 3 Heath Brothers are Nicholas, Clayton, & Christian Heath. They are the sons of Jonathan
and Emily Heath and have two younger siblings, Natalie and Noah. Having signed with
Horizon/Crossroads as teenagers, this award winning group of brothers has a following that
spans the generations, appealing to young and old alike. Audiences everwhere are amazed by
their tight harmony, powerful vocals, and creative acapella arrangements.
This trio of brothers has gained several awards for production and editing of their music and
videos. Each one of the brothers brings a unique set of talents to the group. The combination
results in a phenomenal array of musical, technical and ministerial expression that is
unparalleled. They minister nationwide and their passion for singing and sharing the Gospel
through their music is contagious.
Nicholas Heath shared, “We are so excited to partner with Michael Davis and the awesome team
at Dominion Agency! We admire his work with some of the top talent that has come out of
Christian music and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership. Dominion will be
a huge help as our ministry continues to expand and we walk through the doors that God
continues to open!”
Visit their website to learn more about the 3 Heath Brothers: https://3heathbrothers.com . Be sure
to visit and like their Facebook page, as well at https://www.facebook.com/3heathbrothersmusic .
If you’d like to bring the 3 Heath Brothers to minister at your church or special event, contact
The Dominion Agency at (828) 454-5900 or visit www.mddavis.com.