Abraham Productions Reaches Over One Million People

Singing In The Sun - Abraham Productions
Singing In The Sun – Abraham Productions

Twelve Year Old Sings with Greater Vision

CLEMMONS, NC, April 28, 2016 –  Abraham Productions, Inc. (API) reached over one million people on Facebook with a video segment from their Wednesday night concert at Singing in the Sun last week.  The video featuring Gerald Wolfe inviting twelve year old Eli Shaw to join Greater Vision on stage to sing “I Know A Man Who Can,” experienced an exponential response – something rarely seen in the genre.

Eli Shaw sings tenor for Children Of The Promise from Cedartown, Georgia.  The group performed in the Regional Artist Showcase on Tuesday at Singing in the Sun – an annual event held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center hosted by Abraham Productions, Inc.  The audience immediately fell in love with Eli’s clear, full tenor voice.  On Wednesday evening, Greater Vision, Southern Gospel’s most awarded trio, called the twelve year old on stage during their set.  Eli’s vocal ability captured the attention of both the artists and audience, which is evidenced in the reaction seen and heard on the video segement shared on Abraham Productions Facebook page.  To view the video visit:  http://bit.ly/1SPMi0W

Gerald Wolfe and Eli Shaw
Gerald Wolfe and Eli Shaw

Abraham Productions, Inc. President Ray Flynn states, “To be able to reach over one million Facebook feeds from the Southern Gospel genre is something rarely seen, and to do it in less than 36 hours is extraordinary.  This was one of those God appointed moments where an individual from our regional showcase shined so brightly that fans and artists alike, revel at his talent.  Then, to see that talent in such a young individual really super-charged the atmosphere on and off stage.”

Singing in the Sun is an annual six-day event held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center that attracts thousands of attendees from over 45 states and Canada.  The event combines quality Christian music and world renowned speakers in a concert setting creating an atmosphere without denominational barriers.   For more information on the annual Singing in the Sun event or to learn more about Abraham Productions, Inc. visit their website at:  http://www.abrahamproductions.net.  

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