Adams Call Launches Kickstarter

Adams Call
Adams Call

Adams Call Christian music ministry uses their vocal variety and other music skills to lay down an anointed mantle to those who know Jesus and need to deepen their relationship with Him and a welcome mat to those who have yet to meet Him. Their forthcoming album of southern gospel flavored tunes will utilize their 25 years of music experience, the works of Grammy and dove award winning writers, along with a noteworthy producer. They are slated to launch their next album project in time for the holidays.

Bobby Davenport is one of the musicians involved in this Christian Vocal Group. He joins others in using Gospel music as a catalyst for change and a vehicle to reach masses with messages of Mercy, Grace and Salvation. He started the group, Adams Call, as a trio in 2012. Other top-shelf vocalists have been added to the group since then.

Their concept video, “Don’t Give Up,” was nominated for Video of the Year

Adams Call
Adams Call

two years in a row and the trio received a Sunrise Artist of the Year nomination in 2014. Their most recent recording, “Live at Six Mile,” received a nomination for Christian Country Album of the Year. With 10 captivating concert songs, it carried mass appeal. A single chart-topping selection called “You Deliver Me” from that recording made its radio debut.

Adams Call continues to reach new heights, as they strive to reach the word with the presentation of communication through song.
Through their concerts, they have seen the impact that musical messages can have on people. This will be their first full-studio recording as a group, and they wish to see it hit the market in time for Christmas.

The impact that they are anticipating is of a transformational nature. They believe the timing of the project is critical, and that it will enter the market capable of meeting existing needs throughout the world.

The success of this campaign will help bring the breakout album to mass production. The dedicated group has already raised substantial funds to use toward their project.

In support of its Crowdfunding campaign Adams Call is committed to:
•    Securing production, engineering and studio time
•    Paying for mixing, mastering and professional styling
•    Securing album artwork
•    Reimbursing duplicating and manufacturing professionals
•    Securing DVD and Blu-Ray manufacturing
•    Obtaining music video production
•    Paying for marketing, promotion, radio promotion fees
•    Paying distribution costs
•    Providing all promised perks to reward supporters of the campaign
The Kickstarter campaign’s initial goal of $14,000 is currently active and runs through August 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM Central Time. Full details about the Kickstarter campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can be found at: