An Exciting Year for Heaven’s Mountain Band

An Exciting Year for Heaven's Mountain Band
An Exciting Year
for Heaven’s Mountain Band

Heaven’s Mountain Band is blessed and busy!  Real busy!

The 2019 Heaven’s Mountain Band Homecoming was a huge success with special guests, The Primitive Quartet.  It was a near-standing room only event with a great spirit and some great music!  The Primitive QT/Heaven’s Mountain Band combination is coming to a handful of towns near you this year.  Check out their schedule for details.

They are currently working on a brand-new project with Les Butler and have moved up to the Family Music Group Bluegrass label.  Les Butler stated, “FMG is our top label and they have earned the promotion.  Their success over the past 4 years has been astounding.  With multiple #1 songs and a full date book, they are simply one of the hottest groups in Bluegrass Gospel music.  I am proud to be one of their producers, their manager and more importantly, their friend!”

In addition to all of the great news for this acclaimed group, they also have been nominated for the following Diamond Awards:

  • Bluegrass Song of the Year, “Since the Lord Came By”
  • Bluegrass Male Artist of the Year, Roger Johnson & Rodney Johnson
  • Bluegrass Female Artist of the Year, Deborah Johnson
  • Bluegrass Group of the Year

To cast your vote, go to:

The future is certainly bright for Heaven’s Mountain Band!
To learn more about them, visit them online at: