Update Anchormen Involved In Serious Traffic Accident

By Jimmy McMillan

– St Pauls, NC

The Anchormen Quartet were involved in a single vehicle accident on interstate 95 between Fayetteville and Lumberton, NC. The accident took place at approximately 2:30pm est

Three members of the group were in the van when a rear tire blew causing their van to flip landing on its side. Their trailer detached and landed upside down on the guardrail in the center median. While the van and trailer appear to be a total loss, the extent of damage to the equipment has yet to be determined.

The group members were able to climb out of the van to a safe location. While there appeared to be no serious injuries, they were transported to a the hospital in Lumberton, NC and are still being evaluated at this time

The Anchormen are asking for everyone’s continued prayer for the situation and praise for God’s protection. Paul Harkey, bass singer, said while they were in the motion of the accident he felt as if a firm hand was holding him in place. He said while everything was moving, he was held perfectly still,  and “sure as I’m standing here that it was the hand of God.” They have all said that everything about this was miraculous We’ll update as further details become available.