April 2018 SGNScoops Top 100

SGNScoops Top 100
SGNScoops Top 100

April 2018 (May Magazine)
1. Whisnants- He’s Never Moved
2. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound- Clear Skies
3. Greater Vision- God Doesn’t Care
4. Bowling Family-I Believe He’s Alive
5. Kingsmen- Cost Of The Cross
6. Lore Family- Asking, Seeking, Knocking
7. Mark Trammell Quartet-Go Show John
8. Karen Peck & New River- Gotta Be Saved
9. McKameys- Living For Eternity
10. 11 th Hour- Doin What’s Right
11. Brian Free & Assurance- He Can Take It
12. Gold City- If Church Pews Could Shout
13. Ivan Parker- A Little More Like You
14. Hyssongs – I’ve Seen Enough
15. Joseph Habedank – Just When You Thought
16. Kingdom Heirs-Heroes Of Faith
17. Hoppers- Song Of Moses
18. Canton Junction-When I Lift Up My Head
19. Jonathan Wilburn- Calvary’s Cross
20. Legacy Five- I Trust The Cross
21. Old Time Preacher’s Quartet- I’ll Ride This Ship To The Shore
22. The Steeles- Psalm 113
23. Sunday Drive- 11:59
24. Talleys- Look Up
25. Taylors- For What I Don’t Know
26. The Old Paths- Broken People Like Me
27. Triumphant Quartet-Thankful, So Thankful
28. Williamsons – Jesus, What A Wonderful Name
29. Wisecarvers- Somebody Here
30. Amber Nelon Thompson-Grateful
31. Exodus Behold The Lamb
32. Gaither Vocal Band-Hallelujah Band
33. Isaacs- If That’s What It Takes
34. Jason Crabb – Washed By The Water
35. Lauren Talley- Our Song Will Be Jesus

36. Mark Bishop- The Refrigerator Door
37. Surrendered- His Tomb Is Empty Now
38. Sweetwater Revival- Shoutin’ In The Clouds
39. Tim Livingston- Waiting At The Top
40. Triumphant Quartet-The Cross Is All The Proof I Need
41. Ferguson Family- Living For The Call
42. Covered By Love- I’ll Lay My Crown
43. Austin & Ethan Whisnant – Should Have Been Three
44. Bibletones- That’s Why His Grace Is Amazing
45. Cana’s Voice- Same Hands
46. Jordan Family Band-Our Time To Shine
47. Browders- The Man I Am Today
48. Down East Boys- Pray
49. Dunaways- Somewhere Around The Throne
50. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver-He’s Everywhere
51. Greesons- I’ll Put On A Crown
52. Georgia- I’m Getting Restless
53. Chronicle- I’ll See Him
54. The Bakers- Why Should I Worry
55. Collingsworth Family- That Day Is Coming
56. Day Three- I’m Not A Failure
57. Curtis Hyler & Jubilation-When God’s All You’ve Got
58. Greenes – The Blood Stained Side Of The Cross
59. MARK209- I Can Call Jesus
60. High Road- Christ My Hope, My Glory
61. Mylon Hayes Family- What An Anchor
62. Hazel Parker Stanley-I’d Do It All Again
63. Blackwood Brothers Quartet- If That Isn’t Love
64. Ben Mcgalliar- Clouds
65. Guardians- Woke Up This Morning
66. Brothers 4- Leave Your Sorrows
67. Troy Burns Family- When He Laid His Hammer Down
68. Battle Cry-You’re All I need
69. Ricky Atkinson & Compassion-The Harvest
70. Mark Dubbeld Family- This Joy Is Mine
71. Porter Family- When I Lay My Isaac Down
72. Judith Montgomery & Family-There Is A Remedy
73. Mercy’s Well-When We Make It To The Other Side
74. Sharps- Standing In The Storm
75. Michael Combs- How Do They Do It
76. The Songsmiths – The Best Is Yet To Come
77. Jason Davidson- It Was The Cross That Got To Me
78. Millers-Going Where He Lives
79. 3rd Row Boys- Do It All

80. Adams Family-Looking Forward To Looking Back
81. Blake and Jenna Bolerjack – He Lived To Tell It All
82. Beyond The Ashes- I’m Too Near Home
83. Poet Voices- Extraordinary
84. Three Bridges- Jesus Saves
85. Aaron and Amanda Crabb – Restore Me
86. Barry Rowland and Deliverance- Help Me Make It
87. Burchfield Family-I Rejoice
88. Billy Huddleston- Miracle
89. Dean- At The Foot Of The Cross
90. Eagle’s Wings- A Rugged Cross & An Empty Grave
91. Wilbanks- You Are Good
92. Common Bond-Don’t Let The Devil Go To Church With You
93. Encouragers- Royal Blood
94. The Frosts- That Which Costs Me Nothing
95. Heaven’s Mountain Band- When The Savior Called Me
96. Jeremy Cato- Things I Know For Sure
97. Kendricks- Old Piece Of Clay
98. Master’s Voice- Without You , I Haven’t Got A Prayer
99. New Dove Brothers- No Back Door To Heaven
100.Bates Family- Rejoice